Thursday, May 31, 2007

Creativity Abounds

You know, there are so many wonderful blogs out there. There are so many creative people! I am amazed. I am humbled. My blog is so....yawn...compared to so many! Wow!

My regular blogger peeps are all busy...quiet and busy. I've found myself missing them...and feeling usual routine of stopping by my familiar blogs is at an impasse. It's like the olden days when neighborhood women got together to quilt or prepare the garden veggies for canning...and the men paused to chat over the fence with one another. That's how I feel about my blog peeps. Like a small town community of my own making.

So, when I've knocked on all the neighbor's doors and no one is home, I get in my car and drive to another town, where I browse the local market to meet new faces.

I started perusing the "recently updated blogs" and ran in to a blog that was all about one lady's arts and crafts. It was amazing. From there, I clicked on some of her "frequently read blogs" and ran across more amazing people. Some people are just so creative it's ridiculous. Inspiring.

Here's one blog I was so inspired by that I saved to my favorites:

The artwork alone on this blog is worth a look. Staggering.

In other news, this four day work week seems to be crawling by. I can't tell you how slow it seems to be going.

I am a fast walker...probably because at 5'4", I've had to adapt to being shortish by moving faster. My friend, Wyn, used to say to me, "Shall we jog?" when we were walking anywhere together.

To this work week I say, "shall we crawl?" Really. Aren't four day work weeks supposed to fly by?!?! Hmmm? Sigh. No such luck.

Right now Aunt Debbie is in the hospital, stable, and we plan to stop by today to visit. She's one of those people who are always supposed to be there, the family rock, never sick, always there to reach out to everyone else. She is a lovely, lovely woman. All heart. Very much like a mother to Robert and to all of her nieces and nephews. This came as a shock, and I'm still praying for complete restoration of her health.

Oh yeah, btw, Jess had a game last night, but it was called due to lightening in the area. And what do you know? Robert went, and Mr. Big Shot didn't even get out of his truck. Big surprise there! (NOT!) Some people really need to get a life. Truly.

Okay, I guess I really should do some work.

Have a great day. Hope your week is going by faster than mine.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prayer Requests

I'm requesting prayer for two people I know and love:

First of all, Holli and her family. Please lift them up at this difficult time. Her most recent post explains what is going on.

Secondly, please pray for Robert's Aunt Debbie. Aunt Debbie helped raise him and we are very close to her. In fact, she is listed in our will as the person we had chosen (a painstaking choice) to raise the kids in the event something happens to both Robert and I at the same time. She has had a series of strokes, and she is only in her early 50s. I don't know much at this time, but we will be going over to see her after Robert gets off work.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poetry Blog

I'm going to be updating my poetry blog quite frequently starting now. Hopefully I will remember to bring in some of the poems I wrote over the weekend.

Is it that time ALREADY?

I truly can't believe the weekend is already gone. ~Pries eyes open.~

Where did the time go?

That's how it usually goes, right? The better the weekend, the faster time flies.

How was your weekend?

Mine qualified to be listed in the "good weekend" category. Friday night I started reading a novel...fiction...stayed up late, reading.

Saturday I read some more...loved it. I so seldom get the chance to read. This book was a fluff novel, but enjoyed it.

Saturday night we went to the drive in to see Shrek 3 and Disturbia. Liked them both. I don't like gory movies, but I do like suspense, and Disturbia was right up my alley. We didn't get home until like 3 am., but I slept in Sunday.

Sunday we had breakfast, I finished reading my novel, did some housework, and then went to the local flea market. It was just me and the kids, Robert stayed home and rested. Ran in to lots of people I knew at the market, and enjoyed visiting.

After the flea market, the kids and I went over to the Dayton National Cemetery to decorate my grandparents' grave. It started raining just as we left, so we timed that just right.

Yesterday all five of us went fishing on a friend of mine's pond. It was such a nice day. We got there about 3 and didn't leave until 9, right as it was getting dark. It was so sweet because there was a family of geese on the water. The dad, mom and three baby goslings. They stayed clear across the pond from us. I know they sure were glad when we finally packed up and left.

Josh caught three fish, and Jo and I caught two each. It seems like catfish are what populate this pond. We do catch and release, so the unsuspecting fish can live to swim another day.

Last night I was unable to go to sleep because I have been used to staying up late and getting up later over the past few days. I ended up writing poetry until after one in the morning.

Ugh! I am so tired today! I am going to have to have more than one cup of coffee or I will short circuit my keyboard when I start drooling on it, snoozing away. Actually, my keyboard has a plastic cover. Perhaps that was a good investment after all. :)

More later, when I am more coherent. Hope you're having a good Tuesday!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Three Day Weekend, I Welcome You!

I am so glad it's Friday and that the potential is there for me to sleep in for three glorious days!

Today it's sunny and lovely outside. Here's hoping it stays that way! I'll get so much done this weekend if it stays nice!

Every year on Memorial Day I decorate my grandparent's grave. Last year I think I missed because I was still recovering from my surgery. It was important to my grandmother that my grandfather was celebrated and remembered because he was a WWII veteran, and I have tried to adhere to her wishes. This weekend is the one time a year flowers are permitted to be displayed at the cemetery for more than a day or so.

My grandfather and grandmother's ashes were buried side by side at the Dayton National Cemetery. His information...birth, death, war served and rank is all on the front of the stone, and her name, birth and death dates are listed on the back. I usually get one of those headstone sprays so that the one decoration applies to both of them. This year I bought the flowers early so that I wouldn't miss out. Around this time of year the selection gets slim and it's hard to find the headstone sprays. I do have to say that the Dayton National Cemetery is a sight to behold. It is magnificent. Row after row after row of headstones....arranged in the same way Arlington's breathtaking and humbling.

Regarding flowers on my grave when I pass, however, I feel this way: Don't waste the money after I'm gone. See, I am the type of person that thinks people should be celebrated while they are living. Send flowers NOW, while your loved one can enjoy them. My body is just that: a body I was borrowing while I walked this earth. When I'm gone, I'm no longer in it. If you want to celebrate me, write a poem or send a card to someone you love. Reach out to that elderly neighbor beside you who could use a listening ear. There are so many folks that are living that need food, shelter, clothing, or maybe just a friend. Whatever you do, don't waste your time standing over my grave, weeping. I won't be there! Only my shell will be there, and the shell is nothing but an empty vessel.

This post took on an unexpected tone today. Hmmm. Wasn't planning on going that direction, so I'm going to make a U-turn.

Have I ever told you that I really enjoy fishing? Yep. I find it so tranquil, just sitting on the bank of pond or creek, line in the water, waiting. Watching birds fly overhead....seeing the little disturbances in the water....breezes brushing the trees with life. So calming. We always do catch and release. We are not fish eaters, really, but just enjoy getting away from civilization for awhile. I have a friend who has a little pond in front of her house which is a perfect fishing spot for our family. Hopefully we'll get at least a partial day of fishing in this weekend.

Other than that, we've got some goodies ready to grill, extra eggs to make deviled eggs and high hopes to get some organizing/house cleaning done. One can only hope!

Until my next post, hope you have a great weekend, whether you have three days off or not.

Hugs and love to all!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have you Met my Girlfriend, Monique?

I'm going to introduce you. "Hi, I'm Kris and I am serving a life sentence in a nearby Women's Correctional Facility. This is my girlfriend, Monique, who has hand picked me from among the other new inmates and has forced me to be her loyal companion ever since. Thanks for stopping by. I would ask you to write me letters and encouraging cards but Monique gets jealous when I get mail from the outside."

These words aren't actual words, just ficticious words that will become reality if my mother bear protective urge becomes any stronger. ;) You see, I am a gentle person...quiet and peace loving...until someone messes with my children.....

.....Especially ignorant, racist bastards messing with my children. Sorry. I'm mad. When I'm fuming mad, out comes the flarn and filth.

Josh's ex girlfriend's dad is the racist bastard in this situation. Josh and she (C.) are no longer an "item." Josh talks to lots of different girls now. C. kissed another guy while Josh and she were still going out- and this is like the fifth incident, different scenarios, different guys. I think Josh has finally decided to move on. (I hope.)

Disclaimer: I personally understand that my son is not the easiest guy to "go out with." He can be a major pain in the ass, trust me. However, if you can't get along with him, cut your losses and cut ties with him. Quit trying to have your cake and eat it, too! Geez!

You know, I don't fault C entirely. In a way, I do fault her. She loves drama. She isn't happy unless she's creating drama. She wants attention. She doesn't get much at home. Her mom and dad are divorced...her mom has remarried and now doesn't want her. She took her other two daughters, but doesn't want C. C's dad doesn't pay her much attention unless it's negative, and her grandparents are reluctantly left with most of her upbringing. I feel for C. However, I would rather her not be with Josh, because she keeps him in a constant state of uproar.

Unfortunately, C and Jess are on the same softball team. Whenever Robert doesn't go to a game, C's dad (we'll call him Mr. Big Shot in future references to him in this post) skulks around, staring at us, scowling at us, trying to intimidate us. We've been told that he's said things in the past to his daughter such as, "I've seen your little black boyfriend, and he doesn't impress me." We've also been told that he chased one biracial boy down with a gun. We've been told that he has said, "if you continue to see this n-----, I have ways of taking care of him." These statements all originate from C, so we haven't actually heard him say them. Otherwise we would have taken legal action to protect Josh.

Last night, Robert was exhausted and decided to stay home and not attend the game. What happened? Of course, Mr. Big Shot went around making an arse of himself. He kept staring at me, as if he were trying to scare me. He walked behind Josh when Josh and some buddies were playing soccer in a side field.... he skulked by, scowling, arms folded, inches away. Josh was so engrossed in his game, he didn't even see him. But I saw him. He was trying to "bait" me in to saying something to him. Or maybe he was trying to "bait" Josh in to saying something to him. Either way, he was trying to force a reaction from us.

Then he really hacked me off. Jo was also playing soccer, but with a few younger boys in a field about 1/16 of a mile away. Mr. Big Shot walked all the way out to where Jo was playing, and stood there, same stance....scowling, arms crossed, making sure I noticed him.

The area where the kids play ball is large. There are several open areas...two ball fields, several open fields, a concession area and four bleacher areas. But he had to go way out to where my sons were playing.....just to aggravate.

A friend of mine happened to come to this game with two of her family members, which included her 6'4" very imposing looking 18-year-old son. This friend's son was ready to pounce and throw Mr. Big Shot over the fence and stomp him.

We went and got Jo. He had to discontinue his soccer game and come stand by us. It seems I'm not going to be able to give my little 9 year old freedom to play at these games.

I guess Mr. Big Shot was talking to Jo while he was out in the field with him. He said, "Where'd you get those gloves? Hmmm? Gee, don't you look cool in those gloves? Where'd you say you got them? Wal-mart?" Jo saved his allowance and bought some baseball batting gloves, which he is very proud of. He's been wearing them every chance he get for the last few days. Luckily, at this point, Jo is too young to understand that Mr. Big Shot was trying to make fun of him. How mature.

Last year when word got to us about the first threats attributed to Mr. Big Shot, I got online to see what I could find out about him. Did he have a criminal record? Indeed he does.

I was fuming last night. I just wanted to get in my car and run him down.

Disclaimer: I would not actually get in my car and run anyone down. I might feel like it, but common sense does prevail in the long run.

But you see, Mr. Big Shot wants to provoke us. He wants to anger us to the point of confrontation so that he can have the upper hand.

Who knows what his daughter says to him about us? Who knows how she has attempted to inflame the situation now that Josh won't take her back? Is she trying to throw gasoline on the flames of this issue to hurt Josh?

I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Robert will not be missing any more games. He doesn't respect any man who backs down when a man is around but tries to intimidate a woman.

Hey Ellie, do you have an extra machete I can borrow? :)

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now.

Monique may have to find herself another girlfriend...alas, I am much calmer and less likely to become violent now that I've vented. :)

Hope you're having a good day and don't resort to violence in your world. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Headache from Hades

I have the monster of all headaches. It hurts from my sinuses to my spine.


The sunshine hurts my eyes, noise hurts my ears, and thinking is next to impossible.

I want to take a hot washcloth, slap it on my face and lie down in the dark for the rest of the day.

Instead I am working away at my computer.

I'm so committed. Or maybe I should be. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Starting to Suspect that it's a Monday....

Wheh! Boy, was I busy today! In fact, I've been busy at work for several weeks in a row. I'm so glad that we're having a 3 day weekend coming up! Today I was pretty close to 99% on task all day until now. Obviously NOW I've thrown efficiency to the wind in favor of blogging. ;) I just charged ahead today like I was under a strict deadline, and I got most of my mountain of work done. Thank goodness!

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

This was a really good weekend. I didn't expect it to be, because I wasn't feeling good Friday. I started feeling better toward the evening, and I ended up having a decent weekend.

Jess had a game Saturday, which they won, and she scored. My little softball star...has only been practicing for a few weeks, and is already going strong.

We went shopping Saturday afternoon. Jess and I had almost a whole uninterrupted hour to look at clothes! Amazing! I got a couple of shirts and pairs of capris. Jess got some jeans and shirts also.

Jo had a project for school due Monday which I totally forgot about until 9 o'clock last night. (BAD MOM, BAD MOM!) ;) We ended up working for two straight hours until we got it done. That was close! At least we already had the concept down pat and all the supplies we needed. Otherwise, we'd have been doomed! ;)

Josh communicated very well with all of us this weekend. That was much appreciated. 9 times out of 10 that isn't the case, so when we get a reprieve from the angst, we feel so blessed.

Saturday night, we took all three skating at a skating rink that is frequented by many of their school friends. They skated for a couple of hours while Robert and I went out to dinner. We were able to talk and eat without rushing and without having to be in parent mode. That was nice.

Yesterday Jess had softball pictures, and then we went out to eat as a family. That's something we don't do too often. We had a good time. We came home and did some work both inside and out of the house. We have a long way to go on some huge projects, but we had a pretty productive early evening. That helped.

No real earth shattering news to share at this point.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the 3 day weekend?

Until I post again, hugs and love to all!

Praying Friends, Hear Me

I would like to ask all my praying friends to pray for my fellow blogger, Pat, and her son, Josh. If you have a prayer chain in your church or online, please pass the prayer request on. I've been moved to tears by Pat's last several posts...her blog is listed under my "Blogs I Like to Read" section...entitled "Child Lost." Please join with me in supporting this beautiful woman as her heart aches for her she struggles to see the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel that is Josh's addiction.

Thank you all!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Life in Pictures


I'm kinda glad to be back to work today, although it was a decent day yesterday. It's getting ready to storm big time, which we need. The ground is so dry that there are huge cracks all over our yard. So I am not bummed out that it's a rainy day. At least it's not a Monday!


Okay I started that post yesterday, and didn't get very far. Ugh.

I'm just going to post some pictures today, along with a few lines of explanations to go with.

These are the flowers Robert brought me to work on Friday: half a dozen peach and half a dozen red, along with two cards.

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This is the iced coffee Jess and I shared over lunch on Saturday. She took me out to eat with her allowance. We ate at McDonald's...she wanted us to go to Wendy's because she said it seemed like a nicer place to eat on Mother's Day, but if I am going to eat fast food, McDonald's is my favorite, so that's where we ended up. It was nice to have some mommy/daughter time.

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Robert also fixed breakfast and dinner for me Sunday. I was so full from breakfast, that I specifically requested we skip lunch. We had eggs Benedict and fried mush. Not healthy, but yummy. For dinner we had steak, baked potatos and broccoli and garlic toast. A lot more food than I am used to eating these days! We watched a couple of movies.... "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law and "The Devil Wears Prada," which by the way, I didn't like AT ALL. I did enjoy "The Holiday," though it was a pretty long movie.

Jo made me a candle at school, which I failed to take a picture of. Josh muttered, "Happy Mother's Day" and avoided me the rest of the day. Heartwarming. :)

Jo's been using my camera to take pictures lately. He's so good at it! He saw this toad in our yard and got a close up:

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He took this picture of Taz, which turned out great:

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Also, Jess is in softball now, and she is loving it! She got a base hit and scored by stealing home in her first game! And she's so little....I think it makes it harder to pitch to her, since her strike zone is so much lower than the rest of the girls....;) Here is her reaction after she got the base hit and started to run to her base:

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Okay, that's about it for now. I have had two four day work weeks in a row, so I stay swamped.

Hope you are having a great week! Hugs!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Am An Armadillidiidae Today

Yep. That's what I am. An Armadillidiidae.

AKA: A Roly Poly.

Give me some cool, wet soil, a big ole' rock, and leave me in peace.

Whatever you do, don't kick over the rock and try to poke me with a stick to get me to open up. I will resist. I will hide. I will curl back up into a snug little ball and try to stay out of sight.

But it's Monday. Everyone is a little bit Armadillidiidaen on a Monday, right?

Say that five times fast. Go ahead. Say it once, even. I dare ya! ;)

Hope you're having a good Monday no matter if you are hiding under a rock or sunning yourself on top of one. I personally think anyone who is sunning themself on a rock on a Monday is part snake, but hey, that's just me. :)

More later.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Saw this On Ellie's Blog, and Thought it Was Cool...... Iffy, Maybe, but Cool......

By George I Think I've Got It!

Need to post, need to has been busy, busy, busy since I actually took a sick day.....

Okay, I feel great! Great! I can breathe! A full, robust breath! It's a gift! It's joyful! It's been about six weeks since I've been able to enjoy pain free breathing!

I think I know what happened. I think my prilosec otc was doing too thorough a job on reducing my stomach acid. I think it was not allowing my depression meds and allergy meds to dissolve and I think they were rendered ineffective. Yesterday I ran out of Prilosec otc, and when I got some, I didn't take it. I feel great! My allergy symptoms are gone, my asthma symptoms mood is off the charts! Yay! It's like being freed from a vice that gradually squeezed the air out of me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I'm still going to go to the doctor if he ever stops cancelling my appointments, just to be safe.

So much is going on, but so little time to post.....

We will be collecting rent starting next month on our city house! Yay! Income! So exciting! It's not going to be much, but it's going to be something! Robert's sister (who has been fighting breast cancer) will be moving in. It will help her to have a reduced rent rate and for us to have a few extra dollars each month. Yay! My sister in law is such a go getter! She doesn't even have the key yet and the yard looks like a landscaping place came in and worked on it. She's amazing! Even after a round of radiation and chemo, she's got boundless energy. Plus she has lots of friends who are a great support system to her.

I've been making cards all week with the cool CTMH stuff that I bought that Holli sells. It's so much fun! Look out, some of you may be receiving a card from me in the mail in the near future. Just remember, I'm a novice, so I'm in the practice phase. ;)

Jess is in softball now, which is great. She hasn't participated in any sports related activities since 5th grade. We think this is great for her. She looks so cute in her uniform, and she is really learning a lot.

Josh's track season ended last night, and he sat on the sidelines watching, as he has a stress fracture in his right foot. He's walking around with a big medical shoe on. I heard from a reliable source that girls are practically fighting over who's going to carry his books up the steps at school. Geez! Didn't that used to be the other way around when I was in school?

The viewing for Josh's friend was....strange. Josh had a hard time with it. I had to help him back to the car at one point. He cried so hard he started hyperventillating. I felt so sorry for him. It was one of the strangest viewings I've ever been to. Having been raised by grandparents (who both came from huge families) I've been to 50+ funerals/memorial services/viewings, etc. I've been to services for both young and old alike, but this was by far the most surreal I've ever been to. I am still praying for the family...Ryan had one sister, who is 21 and out on her own. The family was in shock, and it was obvious. My heart broke for them.

My dear friend, Deb, requests prayer for her husband, Ed. He's had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital for testing. Ed's just a few years older than I am. Please pray that he will cooperate with the doctor, as Deb tells me he can be a bit stubborn at times. ;)

Right now I am looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend. Yay! A weekend to breathe freely! ;) Robert always bends over backwards to spoil me on holidays; that's why I look forward to them so much! Money is tight right now, but he's got breakfast, lunch and dinner menu planned for me for Sunday. He can be so sweet, I tell ya. I truly am blessed to have him. I plan to plant the potted flowers I got for Admin. Professional's day. It's a giant pot of impatients that will look lovely in my grandmother's iron "cauldron."

I am reading a great book that was written in 1990 by Dr. Kevin Lehman, author of "The Birth Order Book." It is about putting one's childhood memories in proper perspective in order to live a more productive, joy filled life. I love this book! I think it's just what I need in my life right now! I wish I had copies for all of my friends! There's so much truth in it that I know it would be a blessing to pass on.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Holli! Yay! I am so happy for you, girl! (Was my 'baby' dream really about you.....who knows, but congratulations either way!) HUGS!

Thank you all for your love and concern...emails or calls during my "quiet" time here lately. I love you all so much! I'd so love to hang out with each of you and be blessed by your wisdom and amazing perspectives if I had more time.

Okay, I have so much paperwork to do, I'd better go for now.

Have a good weekend! Hugs!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sorely Lacking in Posts

To my blogger peeps: thank you for your loving concern. I am home sick today with a stomach flu (I think) that started yesterday. I should be back to work tomorrow, but will probably be playing catch up. Will try to post by Friday.

Hope you are all well.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Painful Loss

Josh was quiet yesterday on the ride home from track practice. One of his friends-Ryan- was killed on his drive home from school. Word reached Josh just hours later.

Ryan was speeding and not wearing his seatbelt and was thrown from his car. The whole school....a small country in mourning. Josh kept saying, "I just saw him. We took a make up test together. We were joking around. I just saw him."

That's the thing about life. It's so uncertain.

I keep thinking about Ryan's family. How they must feel. How I would feel if I were in their shoes.

It's so sad, and I think Josh has had one of his first really hard reality checks.

Those are never easy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When In Doubt, Post Pictures

I'm not really in a blogging frame of mind just I figured I'd share some pictures that Jo and I have been taking lately. My goal is to keep in mind something I'm thankful for each day. I am thankful for these cute (some of them are babies!) animals that I see on my drives...either the drive home, or the drive to the kids' schools. They make both Jo and I smile. We're animal people, so we're thankful each time we see these little ones...whether they are frolicking in the fields or hanging out or cuddling with their mommies. ;) I think the last picture is my favorite.

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