Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Do List

Has anyone noticed that when a person goes away on a trip, there is lots to do? Not to mention that part of the mission of my trip to Georgia is to transport some items to my uncle that my grandmother requested that he receive after her passing. It's been over three years since she passed, and I still haven't taken them down. Why, you may ask? Why would I take so long?

Because some of the items can't be flown, shipped or taken by bus. No, they aren't bombs, just WW II relics that can be considered weapons...though they are family heirlooms of sorts.

Sigh. Anyway, I've had to locate and pull those items out of storage....and now I have the following list to work on, which seems to keep growing:

  1. Get Jeep washed
  2. Get laundry caught up, which I've been working on this week
  3. Wash the cooler that has been in storage
  4. Pack gifts that I have for my little cousin Jesse, as well as Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat
  5. Pay this week's and next week's bills prior to leaving
  6. Pick up a box of contact lenses
  7. Make sure animals have adequate food so Robert doesn't have to go to the store and pick any up while I am away.
  8. Clean litter box, guinea pig cages
  9. Check Jeep fluids, tire pressure, etc.
  10. Pack camera tripod
  11. Buy extra ice
  12. Jess needs a hair cut
  13. Return library book
  14. Buy snacks for trip
  15. Pack lunch for trip down

I know I am forgetting something....sigh. It's all good, though. I like having these kind of to-do lists. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something as I await the trip ahead.

Before I close, I want to say that I am an inconsiderate boob :) for not mentioning the lovely visit that I had with Marilyn, April and Sarah last week. We met up at BW3s and had was far too short a visit, but long overdue. April, when was the last time we got together? It's been months! Anyway, in my last post I was listing all these great times I've had of late, hanging out and catching up with friends. Yet I completely left that tidbit of information out. April reads my blog, so I know she was wondering what the issue was. :) Sorry, April! Too much on my mind!

So, for an April shout out: Have a good trip to PA, and I enjoyed seeing you all! Let's do it again real soon!

Also, to Sheila, in case she EVER reads this blog....Can't wait to see you on the 12th! Miss you!

In other news, I'm still working out least 3 times a week, often 4. I am up to four miles...or I do shorter mileage with a faster pace...a.k.a....jogging. I also do strength/resistance training. Today I did thigh/arm and ab work in addition to a one mile jog. I am feeling great! After my initial 20 lb loss, I'm not dropping weight quickly, but I am reshaping, firming, toning. My clothes fit better. I feel better. I am motivated. YAY! Now if the scale would only move down a few more pounds...LOL!

Okay, that's it for now! Duty calls!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Georgia on My Mind

Yay! Jess and I are to leave for Georgia on Saturday morning to visit my Uncle Ron and Aunt Pat. They live about 1 hour north of Atlanta. This will be my third trip to visit them. This will be my first trip driving there myself. I can't wait! I am requesting prayer for a safe and uneventful trip there and well as smooth sailing all week leading up to our departure.

Sometimes the travel gremlins like to come in and spoil plans we have to go places. I am praying that no travel gremlins prevail this time. I NEED some time away! :) Jess and I also need some mother/daughter bonding time. She'll be 16 in August. How many more of these little get togethers will we have the opportunity for before she becomes an adult? Sigh.

I really feel like this trip is "meant to be." One day a few weeks ago, I sat down to calculate what I would need for gas and such. When I did that, I came up with between $250-$300. That same day I did my calculations, I saw my name in the paper for unclaimed funds. I would never have known I was in there (who has time to read the paper?) but a coworker of mine saw his friend's name and asked me to look up his friend's information. Right underneath his friend's name, was my name, my old address!

I went to the directed website, and it said I had over $100 in unclaimed funds. Guess how much? $275! Yay! How exciting! I won't see those funds for awhile, but I can go on my trip-guilt free-knowing God has provided my funds in such a way that it doesn't dip in to my budget! Eventually the gas money I have to use will be replenished when my unclaimed funds check arrives! Double yay!

What's new in your lives? I hope this post finds all my blogger peeps blessed beyond measure!

The friend I have known the longest...Wyn....33 years of friendship and running now...was in town back in May. It was so much fun! She came in on Memorial Day weekend and we spent some quality time hanging out....catching up, etc. We also spent some time with our friend, Tracy, who has 1-year- old twin boys. Those babies are gorgeous...and growing like weeds. They just don't stay little long!

Also, in April, a dear friend of mine from elementary school got married. I felt so privileged to be able to attend. Josiah and Jess went with me. It was a lovely outdoor wedding. Tricia looked radiant and very happy...she and Jeff have dated for years, and they seem very well suited for one another.

Last week I got to see friends Sandy and Beth at the June crop. We had a great time, though Beth had to skip out early for other plans. When I don't see Sandy for awhile, I feel it. She and I are a lot alike. She boosts my spirits and I know she understands my ups and downs where being a mom is concerned.

Beth and I got to hang out a bit when I invited her along to a Dayton Dragon's baseball game a few weeks ago. I wanted to take Jo and his cousin, but I had four tickets and Robert had to take Josh to driver's ed. Beth- who has such a fun loving spirit- agreed to tag along. We all had such a good time!

I missed out on Sandy's May crop due to Josh having driving school. Driving school is over, now he just has to complete his four scheduled drives with the instructor. How scary! :) I'm so glad he's 17 1/4....and still not a licensed driver. I'm sure my insurance rates are glad, too.

Jess is now talking about wanting her permit. YIKES! Anyone know of any industrial strength hair dye to cover the grays I'm going to be developing SOON? I'm thinking of wrapping the cars in bubble wrap and wearing a helmet while I teach them to drive. Maybe even some knee pads, body armor.....installing an i.v. drip of Pepto Bismol...haha.

Oh yes....did I mention that Robert got a promotion? He's in one of the highest paying positions at the foundry where he works now. It involves a gradual pay increase on a specific scale...but he's already $1 an hour up! What a blessing!

Also, did I mention that both Josh and Jess got multiple academic awards for the last semester of the school year? Jess got "Most Improved Student" and "Most Artistic" for her class. Her artwork won multiple awards this year and represented her school in shows across our area of Ohio. She is really gifted. She gets this from Robert and Robert's side of the family. I am amazed at her talent and way of seeing things with such an artistic eye.

Josh...he was student of the month for May...and was in the paper for the third time this school year. Once was for a Veteran's day project, once for basketball, and then for student of the month. He was also awarded "Renaissance" for the last semester...the criteria being: 1. No unexcused absences or tardies 2. No disciplinary action 3. All A's and B's.

I am so proud of my kids' improvement!

Josiah is growing like crazy! He is startlingly close to 5' tall now. He's just about Jess' height. It seems so strange and sudden, because the growth came out of nowhere. Robert's brother's son, Fred Jr., is spending a great deal of his summer with us, and Josiah is loving that! They have such a cool bond as cousins...both born in November of 1997. They are more like twins! :)

Okay, I've got to get to work, so before I go:

Just some specific shout outs:

  • Denise with your upcoming are in my prayers.

  • Holli, it was great to see you at your shower! You're so pretty and glow-y! :) You and little Teegan are in my prayers! She's going to hang out in your belly for a while longer...I know it.

  • Pat, hang in there, my friend. The peace that has alluded you will soon settle upon you. I can feel it.

  • Pam, thinking of you and that new baby. I wish I could be there to hold her! Please let me know if you got my package. I have been a bit concerned...I don't trust the post office with my whole heart. :)

  • Leah, if you still read this, know that you amaze me! You're beautiful and strong! Hang tough!

  • Beth, text me and let me know how things are going. You know I love updates on what's new.
That's all I can think of for now. I will leave you with this awesome picture that Wyn took of our kitten, Keebah, while she was here. Yes, yes, we finally decided on a name for that little ball of energy. Keebah it is. The Tiga's...came from a Japanese cartoon show that Robert and the kids watch. Why settle for mediocrity where pet names are concerned? :)

I LOVE this shot of Keebah...taken clear across our yard. Keebah is allowed on the back concrete pad, just outside the back door. Wyn got this pic with little effort. SIGH. I simply MUST have one of those SLR digital cameras with the lens that can zoom across country. It's making me have camera envy. Up until this picture, I was totally content with my Kodak 8.1 megapixel point and shoot. Sigh. :)

That's all for now! To my American friends: have a blessed 4th of July if I don't post again by then! God's richest blessings to you and yours!