Friday, December 22, 2006

Calmer, Gentler Kris

Okay, I'm calm now. I've said my piece, and I've counted to ten. :)

I'm having a much better day today, and I'm really looking forward to Christmas. I've gotten most everything that I need to get done completed. Life is good.

My "friend"...a coworker...and I have agreed to a truce. We don't agree on this issue of race. I won't bend....but I don't want to have a war on this, the last day before we leave for a week...actually ten days if you count the So, I've thrown out the white flag, and have stepped down off my bandwagon for the time being. I will live to fight another day.....

Boo to racism....yay to 10 days to angst and yay to sitting around in my Christmas pjs with no makeup on and my hair looking scary, with no one to impress! ;)

I hope to be able to update you all during my time off, but if you don't see any posts, I'm probably drooling on my pillow, full of Christmas goodies and little pieces of wrapping paper and tape stuck to the side of my face. :)

Hope this is your merriest Christmas yet! God's richest blessings to you and yours!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad Day and Racist Jerks

You know, I've been having a pretty good week, despite the UTI and sinus infection/double ear infection. I've got a lot of good going on in my life. Christmas is coming together. I'm getting stuff done. Life has been treating me kindly. God is better to me than I deserve.

Today, however, I'm having a really bad day. Just a crappy day all the way around. It will get better. I know that. For now, I feel like crying.

I hate it when I find out a person who I thought was a true friend isn't. A person who I considered a dear friend to me just blurted out some racist crap that just hacked me off to no end. I let them know how I feel. Didn't make me feel any better.

How can people go around thinking they're okay, harboring such anger toward another race? Did we get to chose the color we are before we came to this earth? Did we chose what social or economic status we would find ourselves in?

I must say I am personally tired of so many people's bad attitudes about race. In this day and age, it's socially acceptable to be haters as long as it's toward Mexicans. Sure, I believe Mexicans should take the proper steps to work in this country. However, who made us judges, going around "contemplating" who is legal and who isn't?

If one more person asks me if Jess' boyfriends' family is legal I am going to blow a gasket. (Then they look at me suspiciously, like they can't possibly be legal, and they must've stolen someone's identity to obtain legality under false pretenses.) Yes, they're legal! AND they're ALSO people...human beings....GOOD people that I love and care about like my own family.

Isn't this a cute comment? "If Jess and John have kids one day, what will that make them? Bi beaner babies?" Yeah. Real funny. Real clever. Put a sock in it, jerk.

I'm having a bad day. Thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Miscellaneous Babbling

Hey, quick "hello" post. I have to leave here real soon to go to the doctor. I have a UTI and the start of a sinus infection. Last time I put off going to the doctor when I had two simultaneous infections, I ended up with pnuemonia. I don't have time for that with Christmas one week away, so it's time to skip the wait and go now. :) So, yay for antibiotics and boo for infections!

Yay that I have more done for Christmas than I did before, including several wrapped gifts under the tree. Yay for nice weather, and yay for a quiet day here at work.

Hope you're having a great Monday. I just read that more heart attacks take place on Mondays than any other day. I believe that! So, if you're feeling stress or just plain ole' stress, take a deep breathe, imagine yourself in a tropical island, and exhale. Remember: there's only one Monday a week on our calendar. :)

Happy Birthday to Holli!

Happy Birthday to Holli! Happy Birthday to Holli! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you! ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cute Christmas Greetings

This was so cute it just about has me in the Christmas spirit! :) Hope you enjoy it! (If you can't click on it, try cutting and pasting in to your browser.)

I am SUCH a Slouch!

Okay, in the blogger world, anyway. I've been so busy at work that I was buried in paperwork. Today I spent the better part of the morning getting things organized and filed. Wheh! I'm glad I am not going to get crushed under an avalanche of filing.

I do have more work to accomplish, but I wanted to touch bases with everyone and assure you all that everything is fine here. How are you doing? Good, I hope

The usual rush is on, Mom's Taxi is in full gear as usual, rushing one kid here, another kid there. Then Tuesday night, Rob cut his hand pretty deeply while cooking dinner. He had a ginsu knife in his right hand (he's left handed). He was reaching for something in the cabinet, when a glass fell toward him. While trying to grab the glass, the knife slipped in his right hand, cutting the skin between his thumb and pointer finger.

We took him to urgent care, but they said it was too deep for them to work on and they sent us to the ER. I dreaded going there, because the wait is always so long. Indeed, the wait was long. We were late picking up Josh from practice, and didn't get home until after ten.

He ended up with six stitches. He was blessed not to have cut the tendon or nerves. He's off work for a week. Oh what fun, right before Christmas. However, I am happy he's going to be okay.

Other than that excitement, life is uneventful. Christmas rapidly approaches...and I am still as unprepared as ever. Each year it gets harder and harder to feel the joy of the just seems there is so much rushing about and so little time to reflect on what is truly wonderful about the season. Sigh. I do look forward to being off for a week between Christmas and New Year's. If that isn't reason to celebrate, I don't know what is! :)

That's it for now. More later.

Last of the Poster Posts

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Friday, December 8, 2006

More of the Dark Humor

More of the anti-motivationalism as seen on my post yesterday........

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I really think these would be funny to hang on the wall......

Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Sick Sense of Humor I Have That Lurks Just Below the Surface

My friend, Wyn, sent me this email that had a link to this website called What they sell is the prints that are ANTI-motivational prints. Have you ever seen those motivational prints about teamwork and so forth? I even have some of the cards with some of those uplifting sayings. This site has the opposite. They crack me up! I thought I'd share a few of them today, and maybe some each day. They are just hilarious! I think we've all had our days, no matter how positive and optimistic we are, that we don't feel like being inspirational. ;) These sayings are for those times.

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I think this one might be for me:

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I think this one might be for my longsuffering hubby, Rob: :)

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Blogger Block

I think I've figured it out. I have blogger block. Every time I think about posting, I just can't figure out where to begin. I think it's that I let a week go by and so much stuff has gone on that I can't figure out what starting point would be good.

Let me start out by saying that this switch to Blogger Beta has been great. I think blogging is a whole lot easier now. (Just for the record.)

Since last weeks' post the following has taken place:

1.) Josh had his first game, which they won, though he didn't get a whole lot of playing time. He's in the learning process. He's working hard and he'll be improving and growing with the team.

2.) Jess and John broke up. Then got back together, then broke up again. Now they're just talking as "friends." Who knows where that will end up? Jess has been reconnecting with some of her old friends since the split. I hope she continues to make those friendships a priority even if she and John get back together. John is a really nice boy, but she needs more in her life than just John to occupy her thoughts. She has a Christmas concert tonight, so I am hoping that keeps her mind off of the breakup.

3.) I did get two Christmas gifts purchased. 19 days left 'till Christmas and I have two items wrapped and under the tree. Boy, am I on top of things! ;)

4.) We shut our toy shop down. Business was slow, and our lives are just far too hectic for it right now. I am so relieved! We can actually make plans to do stuff as a family again....including going to church. It's such a big stress off of our shoulders!

5.) Rob's tests came back fine. Nothing is wrong with him, other than his cholestorel being slightly elevated. "Diet and exercise, check back in six months" was the recommendation. Oh...and "Cut down on stress". Wise doctor! I am rejoicing in my heart, grateful to God for this good news.

6.) Got my hair cut and colored, thanks to Holli! I am happy to have a new look for the holidays. Many thanks for taking the time to do that for me, Holli.

7.) Have been finding a few spare minutes to read here and there while waiting on Josh's bball practice to let out. He had an away game last night, which they lost. They have another game Friday.

8.) Last night, going through the attic in my imaginary spare time, I found a bunch of pictures of my brother and I when we were little that I didn't know existed. Also, I found about ten letters that my dad wrote to my grandparents while he was in prison. I cried when I read them. He really seemed concerned about us and our future as a family. I couldn't help but wonder where that went awry. I am glad I found the letters and pictures. I also found a bunch of artwork I did as a young child, as well as the wedding announcement for my parents' wedding. That too, was bittersweet. I guess I'll add this to my ever-growing list of stuff I need to get into scrapbooks.

9.) The tree is up at home. I love that tree. It was a holiday blessing last year...brand new....given to us by one of Rob's aunts. It looks just like a department store tree. It's white with white lights, full and tall. I found a big box of old ornaments from my childhood, as well as my dad's childhood. I have to smile whenever I look at them. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

10.) We've been driving around, looking at lights as we run here and there and everywhere. Jo gets so excited when he sees the houses that have impressive holiday light displays. It's fun to see things through his eyes.

That's about all I can think of for now. My anxiety is pretty much touch and go. Usually it's okay, as long as I force myself to count my blessings and not dwell on the stuff I have yet to do for the season. I know that I have the power to control my thoughts, and if I start letting worry consume me, I just get bent out of shape. I'd much rather focus on the beauty that surrounds me, and the many things about my life that I love. Why waste time thinking negative thoughts? It just robs me of hours far too precious to squander.

Hope you're having a good day where you are! More later.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

My Little Office Tree

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First Post in December?!?! What a Slacker I Am!

Hi, all. I have been blogger absent of late, but I hope to remedy that with a decent post today or tomorrow. My boss will be out of town Wednesday and Thursday, so my work load will naturally be reduced.

So far it's been a really good week. It was a good weekend...two in a row (?!)....and I'm in a decent place stress-wise right now.

Love you all and I am thinking of you! Hope to elaborate a bit more soon!

P.S. Thank you for the card, Ellie! I needed that! ;)