Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have you Met my Girlfriend, Monique?

I'm going to introduce you. "Hi, I'm Kris and I am serving a life sentence in a nearby Women's Correctional Facility. This is my girlfriend, Monique, who has hand picked me from among the other new inmates and has forced me to be her loyal companion ever since. Thanks for stopping by. I would ask you to write me letters and encouraging cards but Monique gets jealous when I get mail from the outside."

These words aren't actual words, just ficticious words that will become reality if my mother bear protective urge becomes any stronger. ;) You see, I am a gentle person...quiet and peace loving...until someone messes with my children.....

.....Especially ignorant, racist bastards messing with my children. Sorry. I'm mad. When I'm fuming mad, out comes the flarn and filth.

Josh's ex girlfriend's dad is the racist bastard in this situation. Josh and she (C.) are no longer an "item." Josh talks to lots of different girls now. C. kissed another guy while Josh and she were still going out- and this is like the fifth incident, different scenarios, different guys. I think Josh has finally decided to move on. (I hope.)

Disclaimer: I personally understand that my son is not the easiest guy to "go out with." He can be a major pain in the ass, trust me. However, if you can't get along with him, cut your losses and cut ties with him. Quit trying to have your cake and eat it, too! Geez!

You know, I don't fault C entirely. In a way, I do fault her. She loves drama. She isn't happy unless she's creating drama. She wants attention. She doesn't get much at home. Her mom and dad are divorced...her mom has remarried and now doesn't want her. She took her other two daughters, but doesn't want C. C's dad doesn't pay her much attention unless it's negative, and her grandparents are reluctantly left with most of her upbringing. I feel for C. However, I would rather her not be with Josh, because she keeps him in a constant state of uproar.

Unfortunately, C and Jess are on the same softball team. Whenever Robert doesn't go to a game, C's dad (we'll call him Mr. Big Shot in future references to him in this post) skulks around, staring at us, scowling at us, trying to intimidate us. We've been told that he's said things in the past to his daughter such as, "I've seen your little black boyfriend, and he doesn't impress me." We've also been told that he chased one biracial boy down with a gun. We've been told that he has said, "if you continue to see this n-----, I have ways of taking care of him." These statements all originate from C, so we haven't actually heard him say them. Otherwise we would have taken legal action to protect Josh.

Last night, Robert was exhausted and decided to stay home and not attend the game. What happened? Of course, Mr. Big Shot went around making an arse of himself. He kept staring at me, as if he were trying to scare me. He walked behind Josh when Josh and some buddies were playing soccer in a side field.... he skulked by, scowling, arms folded, inches away. Josh was so engrossed in his game, he didn't even see him. But I saw him. He was trying to "bait" me in to saying something to him. Or maybe he was trying to "bait" Josh in to saying something to him. Either way, he was trying to force a reaction from us.

Then he really hacked me off. Jo was also playing soccer, but with a few younger boys in a field about 1/16 of a mile away. Mr. Big Shot walked all the way out to where Jo was playing, and stood there, same stance....scowling, arms crossed, making sure I noticed him.

The area where the kids play ball is large. There are several open areas...two ball fields, several open fields, a concession area and four bleacher areas. But he had to go way out to where my sons were playing.....just to aggravate.

A friend of mine happened to come to this game with two of her family members, which included her 6'4" very imposing looking 18-year-old son. This friend's son was ready to pounce and throw Mr. Big Shot over the fence and stomp him.

We went and got Jo. He had to discontinue his soccer game and come stand by us. It seems I'm not going to be able to give my little 9 year old freedom to play at these games.

I guess Mr. Big Shot was talking to Jo while he was out in the field with him. He said, "Where'd you get those gloves? Hmmm? Gee, don't you look cool in those gloves? Where'd you say you got them? Wal-mart?" Jo saved his allowance and bought some baseball batting gloves, which he is very proud of. He's been wearing them every chance he get for the last few days. Luckily, at this point, Jo is too young to understand that Mr. Big Shot was trying to make fun of him. How mature.

Last year when word got to us about the first threats attributed to Mr. Big Shot, I got online to see what I could find out about him. Did he have a criminal record? Indeed he does.

I was fuming last night. I just wanted to get in my car and run him down.

Disclaimer: I would not actually get in my car and run anyone down. I might feel like it, but common sense does prevail in the long run.

But you see, Mr. Big Shot wants to provoke us. He wants to anger us to the point of confrontation so that he can have the upper hand.

Who knows what his daughter says to him about us? Who knows how she has attempted to inflame the situation now that Josh won't take her back? Is she trying to throw gasoline on the flames of this issue to hurt Josh?

I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Robert will not be missing any more games. He doesn't respect any man who backs down when a man is around but tries to intimidate a woman.

Hey Ellie, do you have an extra machete I can borrow? :)

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now.

Monique may have to find herself another girlfriend...alas, I am much calmer and less likely to become violent now that I've vented. :)

Hope you're having a good day and don't resort to violence in your world. :)


Elliemarie said...

What a bloody jerk. And a cowardly jerk at that. What kind of adult tries to provoke a teenager and make fun of a little boy? You did the best thing you could, which was to ignore him and not give him a reaction. The sick bastard is just looking for attention and trouble. Ugh. The farther Josh can be from his daughter, the better, because both father and daughter sound like nothing but a big headache. Best of luck with this situation, Kris, and I hope he leaves you guys in peace.

Holli said...

I believe the "Mr Big Shot" you are referring to is also the same bastard that when he's was a 5/6 grader and I was 6/7 grader attempted to rape me with two of his other socially dysfunctional friends... you know the whole "boys will boys" attitude in small towns. I hate that town and will never EVER subject myself or any of my children to that town. Bad bad things happened to me in that inbred town!
Sorry - don't get me started! I'll shutup before I do!

J.F. said...

Good for Josh for finally moving on after she kissed the last guy. Is she telling her Dad things that will make Josh and your family look bad? Almost defintitely. What types of things are on his criminal record? It doesn't sound like he should be around kids at all, but that depends on the types of convictions he's had.