Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Starting to Suspect that it's a Monday....

Wheh! Boy, was I busy today! In fact, I've been busy at work for several weeks in a row. I'm so glad that we're having a 3 day weekend coming up! Today I was pretty close to 99% on task all day until now. Obviously NOW I've thrown efficiency to the wind in favor of blogging. ;) I just charged ahead today like I was under a strict deadline, and I got most of my mountain of work done. Thank goodness!

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

This was a really good weekend. I didn't expect it to be, because I wasn't feeling good Friday. I started feeling better toward the evening, and I ended up having a decent weekend.

Jess had a game Saturday, which they won, and she scored. My little softball star...has only been practicing for a few weeks, and is already going strong.

We went shopping Saturday afternoon. Jess and I had almost a whole uninterrupted hour to look at clothes! Amazing! I got a couple of shirts and pairs of capris. Jess got some jeans and shirts also.

Jo had a project for school due Monday which I totally forgot about until 9 o'clock last night. (BAD MOM, BAD MOM!) ;) We ended up working for two straight hours until we got it done. That was close! At least we already had the concept down pat and all the supplies we needed. Otherwise, we'd have been doomed! ;)

Josh communicated very well with all of us this weekend. That was much appreciated. 9 times out of 10 that isn't the case, so when we get a reprieve from the angst, we feel so blessed.

Saturday night, we took all three skating at a skating rink that is frequented by many of their school friends. They skated for a couple of hours while Robert and I went out to dinner. We were able to talk and eat without rushing and without having to be in parent mode. That was nice.

Yesterday Jess had softball pictures, and then we went out to eat as a family. That's something we don't do too often. We had a good time. We came home and did some work both inside and out of the house. We have a long way to go on some huge projects, but we had a pretty productive early evening. That helped.

No real earth shattering news to share at this point.

How was your weekend? Any big plans for the 3 day weekend?

Until I post again, hugs and love to all!


neicybelle said...

how nice! my weekend was really quiet...amy was at her grandparent's all weekend. it's ok the first night...but by sunday i'm really missing her!

am so proud of your jess! how cool!

am glad you got to spend some one on one time with robert...that's always a plus for busy couples!

here's to a great week! mine will be short so i can head to canada on friday! *does happy dance*

J.F. said...

Great to hear of Jess's scoring at softball. I can't stand having projects due for school and trying to hustle and get them done the night before. That was a situation I went through many times. Glad to hear you're in high spirits, Kristi!