Sunday, September 18, 2005

Funny how things have a way of working out....

It's September and I'm finally getting back to writing. I needed some info. for a scrapbook I'm trying to finish, and I knew I had written about it in my blog. I got on and read the super nice comments posted by ima bloggers sister. I couldn't read her blog, but her comments were sweet just the same.
As of August, we are the proud owners of my family home. Since them, I've been busy trying to make it look like "mine." Everything fell in to place. It was amazing the number of "God incidences" that took place to get us here. It would take two hours for me to explain them all. But I couldn't have predicted how easily it would all go once I let go of my fears. So, I am still feeling a sense of thankfulness and awe.
I wanted to make some decorating changes once I knew the house was officially ours. I want to live here, but I want it to look like my house. Keeping it the exact same way it was would make it a museum, and I want it to be a home.
The kids are now going to the school I went to, and what's even funnier (and possibly alarming) is that the same bus driver that took me to school is picking them up. I think she could run that route in her sleep. With 36 years of driving in, I hope she stays awake. The thought of driving the same route year after year for 36 years makes me tired! Wow! That is impressive!
So I guess I've spent a lot of time counting my blessings lately; with the hurricane and all the pain and sadness there, I can't help but realize just how blessed I am to have my loved ones safe... and possessions safe. How man people watched their family homes get washed away? Yes, possessions can be replaced, but there are so many displaced people out there....some who can't even prove who they are...their identification, birth certificate, important documents have all been destroyed. Though I am states away from the devastation, I am keenly aware of how unpredictable life is. I am one of the fortunate ones who can be on the giving end, which in this case is a much better place to be.
The hurricane did indirectly change our plans. We had plans to travel south to visit my uncle earlier this month. While his home and family wasn't directly affected, he called to caution us that gas was scarce in his state and we might want to hold off for a few weeks. We figured that we could reschedule for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, so we've decided to take the wise approach and stay home.
It's Sunday afternoon, and I've done housework nearly all day. I've whiled away my day of rest, and my body is telling me that a late afternoon nap would be a great idea.
I hope I can get back here a little more often. Blogging is good for the soul in my case; it also helps me remember where I was a few months back so I don't forget how far God has brought me.
In closing, thanks for those kind thoughts, Kristi. They meant alot.