Thursday, October 6, 2005

Now we're getting somewhere

I'm still feeling grateful today, although today has been frustrating from time to time. I overslept and consequently, the kids missed the bus; I had to drive them to school and I was late to work as a result. While that could ruin anyone's day, I felt relieved that I have such an understanding boss...a boss who is more like a friend. And after 7 years I don't worry about job security every second of the day. So, I eased in to my work day, late but things weren't too busy, so it worked out okay.

I feel like I'm starting to do some of the things I enjoy. With the recent purchase of a dishwasher and high efficiency washer/dryer set, my work seems to take 1/2 the time. So, in addition to my scrapbooking, I've tried to work in a few of the things I've been wanting to do for awhile.

I got some "Learn Spanish" materials from the library. I've been listening to tapes on the way to work, which are refreshing a lot of the Spanish I learned in high school (Beginner and Advanced Spanish) which I had forgotten. Our neighbors, who are Mexican, have two daughters who are good friends with Jess. Their mother speaks very little English. I thought it would be cool to refresh my skills and try to communicate a little better with her. The cool thing is, I'm not really taking away time from my kids or my job or my home by doing this, as I'd be listening to the radio if I wasn't listening to this, anyway.

I'm walking during lunch, utilizing some "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDs I bought earlier in the year and didn't use much. I've walked 3 days so far this week, and I feel much better. I've got my fancy web based pedometer (Sportbrain) on and my motivation is high. I've been doing Slimfast (loosely) since July. I just feel like taking care of myself for a change, I guess. I took care of 3 kids and Mom for so long, I put my own health on the back burner. I feel like while I don't want to lose a huge amount of weight, I just want to make some changes that prioritize my health and fitness. I haven't weighed in once, because for me it's about getting healthy and staying that way, not about a lost pound or inch.

While searching the library database, I also decided to get back on track on learning to play guitar, even if it's only one chord a month. I had been getting lessons from Dad back in 2001. Then he got laid off and had to get a second shift job. As a result, our work hours never have meshed again. I work day shift, he works second shift. So instead of saying, "Oh well, I really wanted to do that, but it wasn't meant to be," I'm going to work it in as best I can. Dad said the first thing I need to do is get a guitar that is made for kids, as my fingers are too small for his wide neck guitar. So, I've got to do some research on that. I used to have a begginer's guitar, but it sat around so much it finally got sold or tossed or broken or something. I've got no set time frame on this, but it's on my "to do" list.

So, despite the day being kind of "blah," I feel like I might actually be getting somewhere in my life. Alas, one day I might just be out on my porch swing, guitar in hand, singing Spanish ballads in the same house I grew up in. Won't that just be utopia? :)