Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Finally, a tooth!

Yesterday a long awaited event took place! Jo-Jo's tooth finally came in. When he was 11 months old, just learning to walk, he fell in church and knocked his newly emerged top front baby tooth out. Since then, he has had an adorable toothless smile. That is his trademark...all his pictures feature it. But because the fall was so traumatic to his gum, I wondered if he would ever get a permanent tooth in. And now, just 3 months away from his 7th birthday, it came in! The tip pressed through the gum yesterday!
What an event!
More later.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Back to work

Oh what fun it is to be at home with the stomach flu. Fun, fun, fun! There we were: four of the five of us, miserable and dehydrated, all too weak to help the others. How lucky my daughter is, away for the week at an aunt's house, visiting with her cousin. I can only hope she escapes the bug.
It's my first day back to work after being out for 2. I am weak, still feeling a little yucky and achy. Seems like my 6 year old bounced back the quickest. He was up yesterday early: playful while the rest of us were lying on the couches, exhausted.
I had to take the high ground and get up and fix soup, keep the carbonated beverages and crackers coming, and do what little housework I could manage. It's my observation that boys and men are a little less able to bounce back from this stuff than we ladies. Or so it seems....
But here I am, nearly halfway through my work day. I feel like I could fall asleep at my desk. Maybe I will.....
More later.