Friday, May 11, 2007

By George I Think I've Got It!

Need to post, need to has been busy, busy, busy since I actually took a sick day.....

Okay, I feel great! Great! I can breathe! A full, robust breath! It's a gift! It's joyful! It's been about six weeks since I've been able to enjoy pain free breathing!

I think I know what happened. I think my prilosec otc was doing too thorough a job on reducing my stomach acid. I think it was not allowing my depression meds and allergy meds to dissolve and I think they were rendered ineffective. Yesterday I ran out of Prilosec otc, and when I got some, I didn't take it. I feel great! My allergy symptoms are gone, my asthma symptoms mood is off the charts! Yay! It's like being freed from a vice that gradually squeezed the air out of me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I'm still going to go to the doctor if he ever stops cancelling my appointments, just to be safe.

So much is going on, but so little time to post.....

We will be collecting rent starting next month on our city house! Yay! Income! So exciting! It's not going to be much, but it's going to be something! Robert's sister (who has been fighting breast cancer) will be moving in. It will help her to have a reduced rent rate and for us to have a few extra dollars each month. Yay! My sister in law is such a go getter! She doesn't even have the key yet and the yard looks like a landscaping place came in and worked on it. She's amazing! Even after a round of radiation and chemo, she's got boundless energy. Plus she has lots of friends who are a great support system to her.

I've been making cards all week with the cool CTMH stuff that I bought that Holli sells. It's so much fun! Look out, some of you may be receiving a card from me in the mail in the near future. Just remember, I'm a novice, so I'm in the practice phase. ;)

Jess is in softball now, which is great. She hasn't participated in any sports related activities since 5th grade. We think this is great for her. She looks so cute in her uniform, and she is really learning a lot.

Josh's track season ended last night, and he sat on the sidelines watching, as he has a stress fracture in his right foot. He's walking around with a big medical shoe on. I heard from a reliable source that girls are practically fighting over who's going to carry his books up the steps at school. Geez! Didn't that used to be the other way around when I was in school?

The viewing for Josh's friend was....strange. Josh had a hard time with it. I had to help him back to the car at one point. He cried so hard he started hyperventillating. I felt so sorry for him. It was one of the strangest viewings I've ever been to. Having been raised by grandparents (who both came from huge families) I've been to 50+ funerals/memorial services/viewings, etc. I've been to services for both young and old alike, but this was by far the most surreal I've ever been to. I am still praying for the family...Ryan had one sister, who is 21 and out on her own. The family was in shock, and it was obvious. My heart broke for them.

My dear friend, Deb, requests prayer for her husband, Ed. He's had a mild heart attack and is in the hospital for testing. Ed's just a few years older than I am. Please pray that he will cooperate with the doctor, as Deb tells me he can be a bit stubborn at times. ;)

Right now I am looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend. Yay! A weekend to breathe freely! ;) Robert always bends over backwards to spoil me on holidays; that's why I look forward to them so much! Money is tight right now, but he's got breakfast, lunch and dinner menu planned for me for Sunday. He can be so sweet, I tell ya. I truly am blessed to have him. I plan to plant the potted flowers I got for Admin. Professional's day. It's a giant pot of impatients that will look lovely in my grandmother's iron "cauldron."

I am reading a great book that was written in 1990 by Dr. Kevin Lehman, author of "The Birth Order Book." It is about putting one's childhood memories in proper perspective in order to live a more productive, joy filled life. I love this book! I think it's just what I need in my life right now! I wish I had copies for all of my friends! There's so much truth in it that I know it would be a blessing to pass on.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Holli! Yay! I am so happy for you, girl! (Was my 'baby' dream really about you.....who knows, but congratulations either way!) HUGS!

Thank you all for your love and concern...emails or calls during my "quiet" time here lately. I love you all so much! I'd so love to hang out with each of you and be blessed by your wisdom and amazing perspectives if I had more time.

Okay, I have so much paperwork to do, I'd better go for now.

Have a good weekend! Hugs!


J.F. said...

Hey Kristi, it sounds like you're in super high spirits and that's great. It's really cool that Robert and yourself are helping out his sister in her time of need like that. I hope she gets well and stays that way.
That's funny about girls carrying Josh's books, but he does sound like a cool kid so why would it be surprising. Boy, how times have changed. Also great to hear that Robert is going to spoil you on Mother's Day. I hope you have fun and I'm very glad to hear that you're asthma and breathing is back to normal. Have a good weekend!

Elliemarie said...

Yay for being able to breathe!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better. Have a great weekend and get some rest!

Holli said...

Oh Kris! I just read this and I am SOOOOOO glad that you are feeling better! I was really worried - the power of prayer is a great thing!
Thanks for the congrats... and I had SO forgotten about that dream - must have been mine after all! HAHA!
Glad you got your kit. I have papers for you too... we need to get together soon!

neicybelle said...

so glad to hear from you!!! have been missing you so much! am so glad you are feeling better!! thanks for the update!