Thursday, May 31, 2007

Creativity Abounds

You know, there are so many wonderful blogs out there. There are so many creative people! I am amazed. I am humbled. My blog is so....yawn...compared to so many! Wow!

My regular blogger peeps are all busy...quiet and busy. I've found myself missing them...and feeling usual routine of stopping by my familiar blogs is at an impasse. It's like the olden days when neighborhood women got together to quilt or prepare the garden veggies for canning...and the men paused to chat over the fence with one another. That's how I feel about my blog peeps. Like a small town community of my own making.

So, when I've knocked on all the neighbor's doors and no one is home, I get in my car and drive to another town, where I browse the local market to meet new faces.

I started perusing the "recently updated blogs" and ran in to a blog that was all about one lady's arts and crafts. It was amazing. From there, I clicked on some of her "frequently read blogs" and ran across more amazing people. Some people are just so creative it's ridiculous. Inspiring.

Here's one blog I was so inspired by that I saved to my favorites:

The artwork alone on this blog is worth a look. Staggering.

In other news, this four day work week seems to be crawling by. I can't tell you how slow it seems to be going.

I am a fast walker...probably because at 5'4", I've had to adapt to being shortish by moving faster. My friend, Wyn, used to say to me, "Shall we jog?" when we were walking anywhere together.

To this work week I say, "shall we crawl?" Really. Aren't four day work weeks supposed to fly by?!?! Hmmm? Sigh. No such luck.

Right now Aunt Debbie is in the hospital, stable, and we plan to stop by today to visit. She's one of those people who are always supposed to be there, the family rock, never sick, always there to reach out to everyone else. She is a lovely, lovely woman. All heart. Very much like a mother to Robert and to all of her nieces and nephews. This came as a shock, and I'm still praying for complete restoration of her health.

Oh yeah, btw, Jess had a game last night, but it was called due to lightening in the area. And what do you know? Robert went, and Mr. Big Shot didn't even get out of his truck. Big surprise there! (NOT!) Some people really need to get a life. Truly.

Okay, I guess I really should do some work.

Have a great day. Hope your week is going by faster than mine.

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neicybelle said...

your blog is so not yawn!! i love reading about what's going on in your world! and i know what you mean about the community feel...