Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Headache from Hades

I have the monster of all headaches. It hurts from my sinuses to my spine.


The sunshine hurts my eyes, noise hurts my ears, and thinking is next to impossible.

I want to take a hot washcloth, slap it on my face and lie down in the dark for the rest of the day.

Instead I am working away at my computer.

I'm so committed. Or maybe I should be. :)


neicybelle said...

sounds like the migraines that i get...take it easy and take something for it...

p.s. love the committed remark! love to know that even in pain, you still have your sense of humor!

Elliemarie said...

Take some drugs and go home and get some rest. I had a headache that kept me up most of last night, so I feel your pain. And now I'm back at work today, so that is an even bigger headache, lol. Take care!!