Thursday, May 3, 2007

Painful Loss

Josh was quiet yesterday on the ride home from track practice. One of his friends-Ryan- was killed on his drive home from school. Word reached Josh just hours later.

Ryan was speeding and not wearing his seatbelt and was thrown from his car. The whole school....a small country in mourning. Josh kept saying, "I just saw him. We took a make up test together. We were joking around. I just saw him."

That's the thing about life. It's so uncertain.

I keep thinking about Ryan's family. How they must feel. How I would feel if I were in their shoes.

It's so sad, and I think Josh has had one of his first really hard reality checks.

Those are never easy.


PJ said...

oh my heart is breaking for those poor kids and his family. poor josh. grief is a messy thing.

Elliemarie said...

That is so horrible. I can't imagine the grief his family and peers must be feeling.

pat said...

I remember when my own sons suffered the loss of a friend. She was 18 years old and overdosed on a combination of oxycotin, alcohol and valium. She was doing a girls' sleepover over at another friend's house when she passed out. The other girls thought she was just asleep so went to sleep themselves. By morning, when everyone else was awake and she seem to still be sleeping they tried to wake her up. However, she had been dead for hours. I have to tell you her funeral was difficult. There were so many kids and their parents that attended and I will never forget the grief on her parents' face. She was their only daughter. So sad, when a young life is taken before its time. We can only hope our children learn from other's mistakes. I pray for that family and for Josh.

Holli said...

Oh that's terrible!! Was he from a family I know? I remember my first loss. I was about 13 and it was Daniel he was with Bobby and they had been drinking and Bobby wrecked and Daniel was killed.
So sad, so hard.
I will remember the community in prayer!

neicybelle said...

we lost 14 kids in one school year here to traffic accidents. everyone was in a constant state of are not supposed to's never supposed to be someone we know...i'm so sorry...i hope josh is able to process this and grieve...*hugs*