Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am SUCH a Slouch!

Okay, in the blogger world, anyway. I've been so busy at work that I was buried in paperwork. Today I spent the better part of the morning getting things organized and filed. Wheh! I'm glad I am not going to get crushed under an avalanche of filing.

I do have more work to accomplish, but I wanted to touch bases with everyone and assure you all that everything is fine here. How are you doing? Good, I hope

The usual rush is on, Mom's Taxi is in full gear as usual, rushing one kid here, another kid there. Then Tuesday night, Rob cut his hand pretty deeply while cooking dinner. He had a ginsu knife in his right hand (he's left handed). He was reaching for something in the cabinet, when a glass fell toward him. While trying to grab the glass, the knife slipped in his right hand, cutting the skin between his thumb and pointer finger.

We took him to urgent care, but they said it was too deep for them to work on and they sent us to the ER. I dreaded going there, because the wait is always so long. Indeed, the wait was long. We were late picking up Josh from practice, and didn't get home until after ten.

He ended up with six stitches. He was blessed not to have cut the tendon or nerves. He's off work for a week. Oh what fun, right before Christmas. However, I am happy he's going to be okay.

Other than that excitement, life is uneventful. Christmas rapidly approaches...and I am still as unprepared as ever. Each year it gets harder and harder to feel the joy of the just seems there is so much rushing about and so little time to reflect on what is truly wonderful about the season. Sigh. I do look forward to being off for a week between Christmas and New Year's. If that isn't reason to celebrate, I don't know what is! :)

That's it for now. More later.


Holli said...

You're off for a week! NO FAIR!
Last year I had the best Christmas ever. I did all my shopping on Veteran's day. So, I planned something for every weekend and some weekdays. Went to the movies to see a christx movie, read christx books every night before bed, did a christx craft, made christx sundaes in at ate them in floor while we watched Polar Express again. Saw Santa, did story time at the local book store. It was the BEST season ever and because I had it all planned and timed and scheduled it was smooth and not too much. This year, yeah, I'm ba-hum-bugging. HOWEVER, I am starting to get excited about giving him his 4-wheeler for christx! He's going to freak out!!

pat said...

From what I read about you the very last thing you are is a slouch, my dear. You are probably one of the hardest workers I have known. You certainly beat me in the energy department. Happy Holidays.

neicybelle said...

glad rob's going to be ok...i stabbed my hand with a ginsu knife the other was pretty deep...those knifes can do some damage!