Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad Day and Racist Jerks

You know, I've been having a pretty good week, despite the UTI and sinus infection/double ear infection. I've got a lot of good going on in my life. Christmas is coming together. I'm getting stuff done. Life has been treating me kindly. God is better to me than I deserve.

Today, however, I'm having a really bad day. Just a crappy day all the way around. It will get better. I know that. For now, I feel like crying.

I hate it when I find out a person who I thought was a true friend isn't. A person who I considered a dear friend to me just blurted out some racist crap that just hacked me off to no end. I let them know how I feel. Didn't make me feel any better.

How can people go around thinking they're okay, harboring such anger toward another race? Did we get to chose the color we are before we came to this earth? Did we chose what social or economic status we would find ourselves in?

I must say I am personally tired of so many people's bad attitudes about race. In this day and age, it's socially acceptable to be haters as long as it's toward Mexicans. Sure, I believe Mexicans should take the proper steps to work in this country. However, who made us judges, going around "contemplating" who is legal and who isn't?

If one more person asks me if Jess' boyfriends' family is legal I am going to blow a gasket. (Then they look at me suspiciously, like they can't possibly be legal, and they must've stolen someone's identity to obtain legality under false pretenses.) Yes, they're legal! AND they're ALSO people...human beings....GOOD people that I love and care about like my own family.

Isn't this a cute comment? "If Jess and John have kids one day, what will that make them? Bi beaner babies?" Yeah. Real funny. Real clever. Put a sock in it, jerk.

I'm having a bad day. Thanks for letting me vent.


Holli said...

Oh my gosh! Someone really said that to you?! My reply would've been " that would make them very beautiful babies!"
That would put them in their place! Isn't it amazing how far technology is yet people are regressing? I think we need to put some tech aside and make people take 'people' classes!
I love you and very beautiful family!

Elliemarie said...

Gosh, people can be such dicks. Southern Ontario is such a culturally diverse area that you don't even give someone who's a different race a second glance-they are just people like you. And mixed race families are as common as same-race families here, so it just appalls me that someone would say something so derogatory to you. You certainly don't need people like that in your life.

pat said...

I read your post yesterday but needed some time to absorb all this before I could reply. People in general are just plain stupid, sometimes really stupid. However, your post made me think about how all of us at one time or another can be racist or just as stupid. I myself have found I have little tolerance especially against anyone of arab culture these days. Shame on me I might add because not all arab/muslim folks are terrorists. Then there is the question of religion and how since mankind was born we do not tolerate others and their beliefs. I appreciate your honestly and thank you for making me see the light on this subject.