Friday, October 5, 2007

More Stealing of Denise's Brilliant Ideas:

Before I list more of my favorites, having taken more of Denise's ideas, I want to amend my last post. I didn't know that "Our Lady Peace" was a political Canadian group, but I like their sound. So I guess they would have my vote for favorite political Canadian band. Also, how could I have forgotten Frankie J as one of my favorite Latino male artists? So, that is all the corrections/additions that need correcting/adding in that post.

favorite Canadian female singers: Sarah Harmer, Alanis, and Carolyn Arends
favorite song written for me: I don't have any: sob, whine, moan. ;)

favorite song that i was the major inspiration for: Still got nothing

favorite line of b.s.: I go to the doctor, and tell the nurse who is about to weigh me in that I "prefer to carry my purse on to the's a security issue I have," and then I ask her if she believes it weighs 30 lbs. It always gets a laugh. ;)

favorite cd's: I like compilation cds that friends and loved ones make for me, that is super special. I also love all my favorites....Cindi Lauper's greatest hits, The Eurythmics greatest hits, Phil's greatest hits...Toby Mac's solo releases, anything DC Talk....too numerous to mention, really.

favorite bands from this century: I'm so stuck in the 80's....I have to say I enjoy RBD, Jess' favorite band, and Chris Brown (not a band, an artist) that is Josh's favorite R & B artist, as well as reggae artist Sean Kingston. But the last two don't really qualify as bands.

favorite job i've had: the one I have had for the last 9 years. Most of the time I look forward to coming to work, with very few exceptions over the years.

favorite cartoon: "Family Guy." shhhhhh......

favorite superhero: The Tick

favorite "in your face" album: Anything by Alanis

favorite winter activity: This is a family blog, so I must plead the fifth ;), just kidding...I love making hot chocolate for the family after a snowball always ends up being a warm, fuzzy moment....except the part about wet clothes everywhere....

favorite makeup: CONCEALER and lip gloss. I am addicted to lip gloss. I hate having chapped lips.

favorite part of my body: Oh man....I am not wild about my body, because I have such a short torso...but for a short person, I have reasonably long legs, so I guess I like my legs better than all the rest of the body parts that don't comply with my high expectations.

favorite life quote: "It's hard to be optimistic when your fat pants are tight." ;) (That's my favorite "funny" quote.)

favorite life quote is: "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You."

favorite hidden sin: I shamelessly stare at guys with muscular biceps. ;) And now it's not hidden anymore, is it? ;) Thank God my handsome husband is among those shamelessly stared upon guys. ;)

favorite t.v. mom: Debra from "Everyone Loves Raymond."

favorite cartoon strip: dilbert and cathy

favorite moment when time stood still: The first time I saw Robert walk in to the restaurant where we met. It truly was one of those "time stood still" moments. I had never seen anyone that looked quite like him or that exuded more confidence and kindness all at the same time. I was mesmerized.

favorite moment growing up: My grandfather bought a play house for us from a neighbor and fixed it up. He painted it the same color as our house, put in carpeting and locks on the door and windows. It was so neat. We spent many a fun hour in there, being kids.

favorite story to tell at family get-togethers: Sadly, we don't really get together as a family in my family...and I don't have too much of a long history with the family I do have left. Most of the family that I have left are relatives I met after I became an adult. My maternal grandparents are deceased, as are my paternal grandparents that raised me. My mother is deceased, and the rest of my family is scattered. Most of the stories I tell in my family are stories about cute things my kids said or did when they were little. Most of those stories I've told here at some point. Sad but true.

Okay, that's the end of my "favorites" as borrowed from Denise's recent posts.

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awwwwwww!! thank you!! thank you so much for sharing!! i loved your answers!!

BIG hugs!