Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Cool Survey From Denise's Blog:

My Favorites:

favorite colors: mauve

favorite color to wear: green

favorite dead singer in the last 30 years: Ray Charles

favorite male singer: Phil Collins

favorite singer that turns me on: Chad Kroeger

other favorite male singer: Toby Mac

favorite Canadian band: Nickleback

favorite political Canadian band: I'm not a political kind of gal, so I'm not sure.

favorite Broadway song: "You're the One that I Want" from "Grease"

favorite female singer: Annie Lennox

favorite female singer who is most controversial: I thought so long and hard on this that I almost got a headache, so I gave up. My second favorite female singer- and I don't know if she's controversial- other than her hair color: is Cindi Lauper.

favorite dead female singer: Karen Carpenter

favorite folk female singer: Joan Biaz

favorite female rocker: Amy Lee (of Evanescence)

favorite folk group: Peter, Paul and Mary

favorite rock group: Bon Jovi hands down, followed by Genesis

favorite album: Phil Collins' greatest hits

favorite Hispanic female singer: Jaci Valasquez

favorite Hispanic male singer: Ricki Martin (shhhh)

favorite Hispanic rock group: RBD

favorite song to make fun of: Most anything Beonce sings

favorite vehicle: 1972 Yellow Slug Bug with convertible top

favorite classical song: "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"

favorite classical composer: Mozart

favorite new age artist: Enya, since she's the only one I'm real familiar with

favorite day of the week: Sunday

favorite holiday: 4th of July

favorite outdoor activity: Fishing, lounging in the sun

favorite toy: my digital camera

favorite food: boneless, skinless chicken breast

favorite fruit: strawberries

favorite veggie: toss up between broccoli and brussel sprouts.

favorite author: Debbie Maycomber

favorite book: Cedar Cove series by Debbie Maycomber

favorite genre of book: comedic, fluff novels.

favorite poem: "When the Frost is on the Pumpkin"

favorite female poet: Me-who else can put in to words what I'm thinking?

favorite horror book: Don't have one. I'm a big chicken.

favorite horror animal: See answer above

favorite movie of all time: "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

favorite sci-fi movies: Star Wars series

second favorite movie: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

favorite form of exercise: walking to Leslie Sansone dvds

favorite tv shows: "Everyone Loves Raymond," "Third Rock from the Sun," "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" reruns, "Smallville" and "Cold Case," although I saw a show with Wayne Brady last night...something to do with remembering lyrics to songs and I really, really liked it. May be a new potential favorite. I think it was called "Don't Forget the Lyrics."

favorite sense: Sight. I like to see where I'm going.

favorite way to pass the time: scrapbook or read

favorite comedian: Sinbad

favorite vacation place so far: Georgia, but just because my uncle is there. Otherwise: New England area in the fall for the colors of the leaves.

favorite time of year: fall

second favorite time of year: spring

favorite shoe: Sandals

favorite material to wrap myself in: Velour blanket

favorite phrase: "What's the dealio?"

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neicybelle said...

LOL!!! how awesome!! yay!!! thank you for doing this!! i can't wait to read the next one!! *hugs!!*