Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Alive, I Promise...but Am I LIVING? ;)

You know, my woeful neglect of this blog of late is shameful at best. What has this blog ever done to me that I've turned my back on it so completely? Nothing, nothing at all. ;) I think I've just gotten to the point that on most days I'm too busy to blog, and then on the days I'm not too busy I am too bummed or tired to blog. I know, excuses, excuses. If you only knew how many posts I've started and allowed them to sit idle without publishing. Sigh.

Rest assured, I am thinking of you, my blogger peeps. I am jumping over to your blogs every chance I get, and I am reading your posts. If my schedule (and my computer) cooperate, I actually get to comment now and then. But I haven't forgotten you, I pinky swear.

Over a month ago, Josh pulled his hamstring at practice. We've spent the last month since then running him to the orthopedic specialist, physical therapy, etc. No mistake: if they are injured, football players still have to be at practice, at every game, etc., on top of their rehab. It's been tiring, and expensive. Thank God for AFLAC! And trust me, I'm not getting paid to say that. It's been a godsend! The good thing is, Josh is back in the game! They are fast healers, those teenagers! ;)

I'm also very appreciative of Josh's team trainer who was so supportive during this process with Josh. He came to the ER the night of the injury just after we arrived. He stayed, asked questions, offered input and reassurance, and even called the orthopedic doctor at home to discuss Josh's case. The following morning, he called the dr.'s office, made Josh an appointment, then called me at home to tell me where to be and when. He even provided detailed directions on how to get there! I half expected him to show up in our driveway and chauffeur us there as well! It was so helpful.

Here's a clip of a video (crossing fingers now) of his very first game back from his injury. I wish I could recoup like this! Sorry about the shaky video. I was leaning on the fence, which some kid was kicking, so I took what I could get. ;) Hope you don't get motion sickness!

Well, Jo's team is still undefeated. They are awesome! One night Robert and I dropped Jo off at a scrimmage, then went to our local Dollar General to get some gloves, as it was going to be a cold night. We weren't prepared for the drop in temperature, as we had just experienced a record setting hot weekend. So, we were about ten minutes late getting back to the game. The score was already 23-0, with Jo's team taking the lead that early on. We were flabbergasted! (How often do you get to use that word, huh?) ;)

Jo's team's last regular season game is this coming weekend. That may sound good in theory, but my life is getting ready to get even busier.

The playoffs work like this: Every team goes in to the playoffs equal. It doesn't matter how many wins or losses a team has during the regular season. Team names are thrown in to a hat, and that's where the selection begins. If a team wins on Saturday, they play again on Sunday. The playoffs run from October 27 through November 10th.

Now, keep in mind that Jo's team is undefeated in the regular season. They're very good. Chances are, they're going to make their way through several teams before they're eliminated, if at all.

Btw, isn't this just the cutest thing? Daddy and son, watching the game, waiting for Jo's team to take the field..... ;) Brag, brag, brag...or as Pat would say, "Cluck, Cluck, Cluck." teehee!

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Therefore, my weekend plans are on permanent hold until at least November 10th. And November 11th is Jo's birthday.

Then what? Thanksgiving is just around the corner, then the mad dash to get ready for Christmas! In between all of that, Bipsy and I have another trip to Tennessee for training. Looks like early December. I'm tired just thinking about it. How about you? Have you even started thinking about Christmas? Ugh! Who has the time?

One cool thing: I just found out that my friend, Wyn, is going to come for a quick weekend visit on the last weekend in January. She hasn't been here since March of 2006, and that was just after my surgery. I was tired and lackluster, so I am hoping for a high quality visit this time around. ;)

Nothing else real exciting to report at this point.

Our fall colors aren't in full splendor this year due to the drought. We have had rain for two days, but I think it's going to be a dissapointing autum color-wise this year. This is usually my favorite season due to the gorgeous scenery that we normally have, so let's cross our fingers for better weather next year.

Hope this post finds you and your family blessed! Until next time, (which I hope isn't as far off, if I can stop being such a blog slacker) may you have more joy than you can contain!

Okay? Love and hugs!

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pat said...

It is about time I heard from you my dear friend. I was just thinking how you, Holli and Pam have fallen off the face of the earth. My heart bleeds. You can't have my heart bleeding. It would make a mess over my clean kitchen floor and you know how much I hate dirty floors. Oh, maybe you do not know that. I guess I need to post about that one. I just love to bitch these days. Sigh.