Friday, April 13, 2007

Eating for Health and Finance

On Robert's last few trips to the grocery store, he's picked me up some "South Beach Diet" lunches and breakfasts. I've eaten Lite Budget Gourmet meals and Smart Ones meals in the past. However, I'm finding that these South Beach meals seem to have a lot more flavor, and much bigger portions of veggies. Their average cost seems to range between $2-$2.50 per meal. Some of the breakfast and lunch wraps are packaged so that I get two servings for the $2-$2.50.

I think that it would be hard to eat healthily and still buy lunch out for that price at a fast food place. I keep some 100 calorie snack packs around, have diet teas, flavored waters, plain old bottled water, cottage cheese and yogurt as well as some low sugar treats around. I think it probably costs about $4-$5 a day (breakfast and lunch only) to eat the way I want to for my health.

It also takes the decision making out of "what to do for lunch?"

I've been slowing down on my workouts, but I have been pushing to get back in to an established routine. Pounds are not falling off of me, but they are very gradually.... a half a pound here, a pound there...disappearing. I think I'm at the point now where my eating has become pretty routine. I believe that's half the battle. I am most assuredly keeping my caloric intake at my goal level.

What's even better, is that I'm not feeling the urge to eat as often when under stress. I've added a commitment to my plan, which is: for every cup of coffee I drink, I commit to drinking the same quantity of water. Usually I don't exceed 2 cups of coffee a day, and half of the time I end up letting it sit and go cold. I end up dumping out as much coffee as I actually drink. Ellie, perhaps I need one of your fancy drink warming/cooling desktop devices that Chris got you! ;)

Anyway, I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not regressing, and I'm keeping my goals foremost in my mind. Now if this weather would only act like spring again, I could be invigorated with energy enough to get with my workouts on a more passionate level. Something about this cold, gray weather that is disheartening. Ugh.

That's it for now.

Are you having a good Friday? Any exciting plans for the weekend?

If I don't get to post again today, have an awesome weekend!



Elliemarie said...

I actually find the South Beach Diet itself a better program than most and I wish we had the prepackaged foods up here. (sigh). It takes forever for us to get any good stuff up here or sometimes theses products never make their way up here at all. Good for you for eating so healthy! And on such a great budget, too.

Have a fabulous weekend-let's make it 6 in a row, k?

Holli said...

You are eating great! And the weight is only supposed to come off 1/2 lb there 1lb here. That is the safest and best way! I'm proud of you. I eat very healthy also but my big problem is eating out, I just can't get past the feeling of oh my gosh, good food I have to eat it all and shove it down fast! I've got to get past that. I find working out is easier for me than eating healthy! We each have our downfalls aren't we!