Monday, April 16, 2007

A Zillion Unorganized Thoughts

Trying my best to remember all of what's happening on this cool and windy but sunny, cloudless Monday:

  • Dropped Maggie off to be spayed this morning. If the surgery goes okay, I'll pick her up this evening.
  • Josh is sick. He's home from school today with a sore throat, fever, fatigue and general yuckiness.
  • I have pleurisy. When I lay down, it hurts and when I cough, breathe heavily, walk, talk for more than a sentence or two or laugh, it hurts. I've had it before. Fun.
  • Since Josh and I are both sick, we both have afternoon appointments with the nurse practitioner at our primary care physician's office.
  • Josh has his first appointment with the psychologist tomorrow, to decide if ADHD meds are the way to go with him.
  • Josh got his track pictures in. There is a huge difference in his looks, just from his basketball pictures, which were taken in November. He's so much more muscular, for one thing. He looks a lot older, too.
  • Josh got a job at McDonald's. He put in an application online last Thursday night. On Friday, the manager called three times for him. (He was at a track meet.) Josh interviewed on Saturday, and was to do his orientation yesterday. However, the person that conducts orientation called in sick yesterday, so he should be having orientation on Wednesday.
  • Josiah brought every one of his grades on his report card up this semester. I am so proud of him!
  • Jess brought her math grade up, which is a subject she's always struggled with. Like mama, like daughter! Big time!
  • It was another good weekend...six in a row, despite being sick. I didn't feel good, but I wasn't down and out. I did some detail cleaning in the kitchen on Sunday. I feel better when I'm either standing up (still) or sitting up. So I do okay as long as I'm not trying to lift too much or move too fast.
  • I've had little sleep, but am not terribly fatigued today. Saturday night I was up until like 3 am. The power was out for hours overnight....don't know why. Must have been an accident somewhere that knocked the power out. The weather wasn't bad, but no one in our little village had power. So, I was up, unable to rest, with nothing to do. Finally, since Robert can't sleep without a t.v. or radio on, we went to town for batteries. We then watched our little battery operated t.v. until we finally fell asleep.
  • Yesterday we watched "Because of Winn-Dixie" on dvd. It was so good! It was one of the best movies geared toward kids I've ever seen! Jess and Jo have both read the book, so they were excited to see the movie. I swear, the little piglet and bunnies in the movie were so stinkin' cute!
  • Did throw Frisbee with Jo for about ten minutes yesterday, then came in after I got winded. He got this little archery set with arrows that have suction cups on it. He gets an allowance each week, and that's one of the items he bought this time around. I sat in a chair and we shot arrows at the target for awhile. That required less effort, so I wasn't as out of breath, and it was still fun. Although he beat my feeble attempts every time.
  • Today I did something I've never done in 18+ years of filing taxes. I filed for an extension. I needed some time to get some information in. I am so relieved that I have some extra time. I have too much going on right now to add taxes to my already overflowing plate!

I think that's it. Maybe. Possibly. Might be enough for one person, come to think about it. How was your weekend?


pat said...

Cool, sunny and cloudless Monday? I am still waiting for the snow to stop around here. But, to answer your question, my weekend was good too.

neicybelle said...

hi sweety! sorry to hear you're sick...i have a sore throat and fever myself today..went home early from work...

so proud of your kids and their report cards! give them a big hug for me!

take care of yourself!