Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dark and Rainy Tuesday

It's really dark and rainy outside. Kind of just an all around yucky looking day. Again, I am procrastinating, putting off going in until the very last minute.

I am trying to look at the bright side of things today:

-The kids got on the bus with very little bickering.

-I am going to wear my favorite jeans today.

-I'm enjoying a few quiet moments before my rat race begins.

-Last night I got a great deal of work done on my mother-in-law's birthday scrapbook. That, and several loads of laundry.

-Jo and I are taking care of our neighbor's dog this week. Jo is so good with the dog; She is an old girl, about 16, I think. Jo babies her and loves on her. It makes me proud!

Those are some things that I am happy about today. How about you? What's good in your world today?

Okay! Gotta go!

Off I go to shower, dress, and run out the door so I can make it to work on time.

Have a great day! We're one day closer to Friday! Yipee!


Holli said...

You've got to read my blog today... to find out what's going on with me...
It is a rainy dark cold day but girl I am so full of SUNSHINE today I could scream! I have screamed!! This is proof Kris - good things are in store for you! God works it all out!

Elliemarie said...

I second that "yipee"! Friday can not get here soon enough. It's dark and rainy here as well, which had me pondering the whole "calling in sick" thing again today ;)

Have a great day, Kris!

pat said...

I am not sure if you ever read my other blog "ajourneyintothepast" (the happier version of my life) but if you read today's entry you may enjoy how I spent my dark and rainy Tuesday.