Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Still Monday, but At Least it's Flying By

It's not been as bad a day so far as it started out. Because I've been so busy, the day is flying past. Rob brought me some Chinese food for lunch. My favorite: General Tsao's (sp?) chicken with white rice. It was spicy and yummy! He has been so sweet and supportive during this job stuff.
It's quiet around here, because not only is Bipsy out (although I do miss her) one of the supervisors is out. He's a grump, so him being gone on a Monday is a big plus.
Now I thought I'd share a quick picture that someone sent me via email a while ago. The critters are napping, which is what I'd like to be doing right now. It's so warm and toasty in the office, and I am full of Chinese food....I could sleep all afternoon!
Work calls! I will stop by your blogs later today, and see what's up in your lives! Have a great afternoon!

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Elliemarie said...

Awww, that was sweet of Rob to bring you lunch. And chinese too-yum! I'm glad your Monday is flying by!

Holli said...

ALRIGHT! That's it! What did you to that man to get him that way?!
I want one! LOL!!!
I'm printing this page out for my hubby too! Honestly, I am thrilled that he is supportive and can make this stressful time for you so much easier. What a great guy, quirks and all!

neicybelle said...

i'm glad your day is going better! mine flew too...