Friday, September 8, 2006

Something I Just HAVE to Say...

I don't usually talk about entertainment or celebrities or anything, but I really have to say this:

The whole Steve Irwin getting killed thing really, really made me sad. It made me sad to the point of getting a huge lump in my throat and fighting back tears.

In fact, I can't even count the many people I talked to about it this week that teared up when trying to talk about it.

Was he in a dangerous line of work? Yes. Did he often take unreasonable risks? Yes. Am I partly sad because he left behind a loving wife and two young children? Yes.

I think even more than that, I am sad for a couple of different reasons:

1.) I think he seemed like the type of rare person who had a really good heart. A heart of gold. An extremely REAL person. I admire people who are themselves, even if people criticize them because of it.

2.) One of the only channels that I watch that we get out of our measly 27 cable channels is Animal Planet. I watched Crocodile Hunter all the time, as did the kids. Hence, he almost seemed like a cousin or long lost friend or something.

3.) He educated me in a way I will remember what I learned. He had an exciting, enthusiastic way about him...the accent helped...but he had a way of drawing people in and leaving them amazed. "She's a beaut!" and "Danger! Danger!" were things he said that made me roll my eyes but smile all the same. He really seemed to love life.

4.) Finally, I love animals, too. No, not to the degree he did. I'll never tromp through swamps to save a crock from certain doom. Although I have been known to brave the dirty looks of my husband to feed yet another stray kitten. I think his level of commitment was something I admired and saluted.

I'm sad about his death. For those reasons. Anyone else feel the same way?


J.F. said...

Steve Irwin ruled so much. I have so much of his merchandise from his show and even the talking Steve Irwin doll that said "Crikey!" when you pulled the string. He will be missed.

Holli said...

It is sad, I too think he was genuine. He didn't put on airs and truly loved life and what he did. I am glad he went doing what he loved! I think the saddest part to me is the family he left behind, my heart hurts for them.
One thing to be happy about is no one has said anything negative about him - it's all been positive and good. For that I am grateful!

Elliemarie said...

It is so unbelievably sad. He was so fun and full of life and just had this amazing enthusiasm. I am terrified of snakes, but I could bear to watch them with Steve because he tried to make you understand the animal and get past the stigmas attached to them. Like you, I got very teary eyed when I heard the news. I feel so bad for his wife and kids.