Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Waiting to Exhale...or Inhale...Either Are Pretty Beneficial

I feel sooo much better today! I can breathe again! Oh boy. Yesterday was not a good asthma day for me. However, I took two psuedoephedrine and two Benadryl. Usually, psuedoephedrine makes my heart beat fast, and Benadryl makes me sleepy. But guess what? Together, I had neither problem. My sinus headache went away, I stopped sneezing, I could breath. It was amazing! Why is it that I suddenly feel like pill to make me wake up, one to make me go back to sleep? Hmmm....But the point is, I feel like my normal self again. If there, indeed, is such a thing. :)

Yesterday after work Rob and I ran several errands. Boy, was that air thick. The mugginess was hideous. I bought one of those misting fans to take along the way, so that I could tolerate the lack of a/c in the van. It helped.

After all of the running, I picked up some pizza and drinks, got the kids and headed back to town to see Sheila and enjoy her pool. By the time I got there it was almost eight o'clock, and had cooled down considerably. The pool water felt warmer than the air. We all had a great time, splashing and goofing off, cooling ourselves after the sweltering heat of the day. We stayed until dusk and headed home.

I am so glad I'm back to feeling good. I have places to go, people to see. Who has time to be sick? Geez! :) I want to clean tonight and tomorrow, and do laundry. Friday night I have a crop to go to with Bipsy, Sheila and Sandy. I plan to concentrate on just making decorative items that I've been looking at in my idea books. Maybe some borders to add to pages later on. Having pre-made stuff like that around is a fast and easy way to get books done. At one of our last crops, we made some cute frogs with their tongues sticking out to try to catch a dragonfly. I already have it in my friendship album, and it's gotten a lot of oohs and ahhs. Thank goodness I don't have to come up with these ideas all on my own. My poetry writing is about all I can handle, creatively speaking.

And speaking of poetry, all I ended up doing blog-wise yesterday is posting a bunch of poems I pulled out of a notebook of mine from 2001. It's all neicy's fault. :) I felt inspired by her blog to post some romantic-type poetry, so I did. I didn't feel motivated to write anything new, so that was a good compromise for me.

Finally, I am happy to report that I have lost 13ish pounds. I've been eating hummus, cottage cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, pretzel thins, drinking lots of water and eating no fast food for several weeks. I've only worked out to my Leslie Sansone "walk" videos a couple of times a week, but I've been very disciplined about my eating. I am excited about where I'm headed, and the healthy choices I'm making. I have my web based "Sportbrain," which is a fancy pedometer that helps track my steps, goals, overall activity level. I've had one type of Sportbrain or another for years, and feel it helps me stay motivated. Their website is in case you'd like to figure out what the heck I'm talking about.

Anyway, staying on track with my fitness goals is one of the reasons I am glad I feel so much better today. I hate getting knocked off track with my asthma/allergies. For all of you fellow bloggers who have had illness control your energy levels and capacity to function normally, you know what I mean. I get really frustrated with myself when I have flare ups and I can't seem to get past them. They zap my energy and enthusiasm. I'm so thankful that this time I managed to feel better so soon.

Today my computer has played "let's have an error every five minutes and shut down for no good reason." I tried to install an Adobe Acrobat update yesterday, which didn't download properly, and I think it made my system become unstable. I was finally able to remove the installation, and so far I've had about an hour of trouble-free work time. On that note, the wise thing to do would be to post this, and not take any chance that I might lose my entire post.

So, I'm calling it a day blog-wise. Hope you're having a super great day where you are. Keep inspiring me with your awesome posts!


neicybelle said...

yay! *does happy dance* so proud of you for sticking with your exercise and healthy eating!!

hope you have a great time at the cropping!

so glad you are feeling better!! i hate being sick!

Kristi K. said...

Thanks, neicy! You're too sweet! ;)