Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Giving Thanks for What I DON'T Have

I got this hilarious song sent to me from a friend. I'm not sure if she herself has a cubicle that she works out of, but I am thanking the good Lord that I don't. I have a huge, open office, with two big picture windows, a big L shaped desk with two chairs. One of the chairs is an Aereon. I have two drawers just for personal use...printer cabinet, overhead cabinets, under desk storage, etc. I am very blessed to have the office I do. I don't have any privacy, because my office is in the foyer. Although I'll gladly sacrifice privacy to not be cramped up in a tiny cubicle.

Anyway, here's the funny song: Hope you get a laugh out of it!

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Holli said...

I too received the song. Very funny! I'm not in a cube (thank goodness) but am in a grungy old office with no window and furniture from the 1950s (literally). But I love my office mate of the past 13 years! I consider myself blessed!

neicybelle said...

KRISTI!!!! I absolutely LOVED that!! the only difference between me and that song is i'm not in a cubicle and i don't sit there nude...but i work at a job that's 8 hours long and only has 4 hours worth of work...that definitely made my day!!