Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Attack of the Allergens

Okay, all, I am really feeling yucky today. This may be my only post for the day. My eyes are puffy and red, my sinuses are raging, and I am sneezing like crazy. Therefore, I will be working away trying to get caught up around here, just in case I have to leave for the day. I hope to avoid that. If my allergy meds kick in, and this trend turns around, I may post a bit later.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday wherever you are. Anything new and exciting in your life? Do tell. I need an uplifting story or two. :)


Holli said...

Well - I could complain but I don't want to bring you down any further! Sooo, I'll tell you that I took my kid for his kindergarten assesment this morning and he did FABU! She said if they score 100 that's great - he scored 128!
He knew most of the questions and even got a little bored. Needless to say mommy and daddy are so proud!
Other than that all I can do is complain. So I'll stop writing now.
Love you and I do hope the meds kick in soon so that you may be the goddess that you are!

Kristi K. said...

That is awesome! Go T.! He's going to take kngtn by storm! :) Smart and adorable, too? You are blessed!

I finally had to take a Benadryl, against my wishes. It makes me tired, but FINALLY I have stopped sneezing. I am feeling quite a bit better now. Still not quite up to Office Goddess standards, but who's complaining? :)

Hope your day gets better!

PJ said...

I have good news! I got an A on my first grad school course!! Woo hoo!!

Kristi K. said...

Wow! Awesome job, Pam! What a way to start out on top! God is good! :)