Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Tell Me Something Good

I'm having one of those days when I need to hear something good. The news...which I read daily on my internet homepage, was depressing as always. Work is still hectic as I get used to all the recent changes in our shipping methods. I'm still trying to adjust to working my second job, so I stay a little more tired than usual.

I've got 101 projects at home that I'd like to do that I don't have time for....in fact, I don't have time enough to do even the smallest project. At night, I do a load of laundry, pick up the house a little, run a load of dishes, and crash into bed by ten at the latest. Like so many other Americans, I am on a roller coaster ride that I call my life with no time to hop off. It truly is dizzying. There is so much to love about my life, but it's just frazzling sometimes. So much to remember. So many hats to wear....but, it's a living. Sigh.

I keep reminding myself that my kids are older and sooner than later they will be up and out. I hope to have plenty of quiet time then...while my friends' kids are just entering their teens, I can sit back and learn to knit and actually get to watch something on t.v. while they run around wondering how I ever survived it all.

In honor of my scattered thoughts and undone projects, here are two of my favorite Maxine 'toons:

That Maxine is one cool chick! I think she is the future me! :) Hope anyone reading this has a great day and that they have something good happening in their lives that they can share with me!


Murph said...

Keep flyin’.
It’s a thing those of my ilk say to each other when things look pretty bad. Comes from a television show that’s not on the air anymore. It means that no matter how bad the day gets, come sundown and your still flyin’, well then... it weren’t so bad, was it.
Some would say that still flyin’ isn’t much, but we say that it’s enough.

neicybelle said...

Hi Kristi! Sorry you're having a rough day...let me tell you about a few good things happening right now. 1) i went to a hospital that was not approved by my insurance company. i didn't know it wasn't approved. I received a letter from my insurance company saying that they were approving the hospital and the doctor! That's a very good thing! Also, I've been praying for my eyes to be open to how God is moving in this whole mess, and I've been blessed by friends and neighbors more than I could've dreamed. I see God even in the fact that I've been forced to slow down.

I know you're going through alot right now...you have to give yourself time to re-energize. you're no good to yourself or your family if you end up sick and burned out...my prayers are for you now! breathe in, breathe out! :-)

neicybelle said...

ok...I'm officially worried about you...If you're ok, please take a second and let me know!