Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Living the Term "On the Job Stress"

Work's been particularly stressful the last few days. That is a rare thing. The reason for the stress is one of our major customers just incorporated huge changes in their shipping procedures. However, the routing guide they issued is full of misinformation. The corporation is a very large one with locations all over the world. The problem is that no one in any department in any location is really sure what needs to be done about any of the new procedures, nor about the erroneous data that's been issued. It's been one phone call after another, one email after another, and today I am actually feeling a little sick to my stomach as a result. Is there any Pepto in the house?

At one point I had to remind myself that if parts don't get shipped, I've done all I can do. We have boxes piling up in my office that can't leave our facility without prior authorization and correct account numbers, etc., etc. I've jokingly threatened to label my office, "Temporary Parts Warehouse" if this keeps up. I figure if they start running out of parts, someone will make a decision on their end.

Well, on a lighter note, the boys got nuetered yesterday. I had to buy them some "cones" to keep them from licking their stitches. Carlito is having to recover on our enclosed porch. If we bring him in the house, we whines and throws himself around the living room, whimpering and trying to get us to take the cone off. If we keep him by himself, he sleeps. Which is safer by far. He so hates the cone that he will not walk with it on. He will stare straight ahead and refuses to turn his head side to side, even though it is fitted properly.

Taz, on the other hand, followed me around the house no matter where I went. He didn't complain much, and sleeps when I hold him. He doesn't want me to leave him, though, so when I went to work today he whined a lot. When he is outside for potty breaks, he simply walks to his spot, does his thing, then walks back to the door and stares at me with a sad look on his face. I know both pups will be much happier when the cones can come off.

Other than that, life is uneventful. I could use a nap, but needing one and getting one don't always go hand in hand.

More later.

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