Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We Have Some Good News and We Have Some Less Than Good News

I guess the dental news can't be construed as bad, really. After all, we are very insured dentally. What Rob's insurance doesn't cover, mine should. So, considering the report we had, that's good.

I got the usual "see you in six months."

Jess has two follow ups scheduled. One is to extract a baby tooth that never fell out because the adult tooth came in under it. The other is to replace a filling that fell out. That's it for her. She had the second best report.

Jo-Jo has one tooth that needs to come out that a filling fell out of and the tooth isn't savable. Fortunately, it's a baby tooth that will be replaced by a permanent tooth 3 to 4 years. Because of Jo's age, they are referring me to an oral surgeon for that removal. It turns out, he's the same oral surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth.

The dentist was surprised that neither Jess or Jo had any pain with these basically exposed teeth. Neither one have complained about a toothache at any point. Jo also has three teeth that are pretty "groovy" that are likely to have future problems if they go unchecked, so they are going to do sealants on them in a few weeks. oldest and best brusher has six....count them...six starts to cavities in the back. Just newbies. Here I thought he was going to be the one child who escaped the drill. He was incredulous. "What's all this brushing for if I still get cavities?! Geez!" Could it be too much candy and pop? Who knows? So, he has two follow ups for fillings.

Finally, as predicted, Rob needs one extraction, two root canals and a partridge in a pear tree. Actually, they're going to try to fill the two teeth without doing root canals, but it depends on if the fillings "take." He may end up needing a partial in the back.

Our dentist is a super nice man. I am truly hoping he enjoys the new 5 cd disk changer/MP3 player/personal subwoofer system he will now be able to buy for his vehicle....made possible by the lackluster brushing/flossing and excessive sugar intake of the male population in my family unit.

Oh, and there is light at the end of the dental chair, and it isn't that annoying light they shine in your face while you're leaned back having sharp instruments poked in your mouth.

Josh's teeth are some of the straightest the dentist has ever seen without having had braces. I am now sure that he isn't my child, that he was switched at birth. Looks like Jess won't need braces, either. Jo is a wait and see. So, that's refreshing.

My calendar for May is filling up rapidly. Managing my life: it's like pulling teeth. HA!

More later.


PJ said...

Oh my gosh this post cracked me up! You are so funny - I especially loved the dentist's new MP3 player.

By the by, I had braces for 7 years, retainers for 3, oral surgery: 2 extractions with a surgery to pull one of the adult teeth down, 4 root canals, countless shots of novacaine in the roof of my mouth to perform said root canals and 1 filling. I should be able to perform cleanings myself at this point!! ay carumba.

neicybelle said...

I, too, have spent way too many hours with a dentist's/ortho's/oral surgeon's hand in my mouth...*shudders*!! I'm glad your family got a good report! That was a fuuny comment about the dentist's new sound system. As a young girl, my dentist drove a very expensive sports used to nudge me and tell me that we were paying for that car...