Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Somebody Loves Me, They Really Love Me!

Administrative Professional's day is almost as fun as a birthday. Almost. It's just nice, the little things people do on that day to make me feel appreciated. (Especially when some days I'm not all that professional! SHHH! Don't let word get out!) :)

In honor of all those who honored me on this auspicious occasion, following are pictures of those "little things" that made my day bright:

Lunch was a bread bowl salad. Yum!

My Admin. flowers were, like usual, live ones that I can enjoy all year....

A nice card with sweet sentiments from our production manager....

as well as $10 in gift certificates for Tim Horton's.

The shipping manager bought me breakfast this a.m. at McDonald's.

That, and it's a beautiful, cloudless day, about 61 calm degrees.

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