Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dental Appointments and Other Insignificant Stuff

Today all five of us have appointments for dental cleanings and exams. That really made the scheduling desk nervous. I am sure they are worried that we're going to cancel and leave their entire afternoon open. What would they do then? Have water gun fights with the little water squirters? Drug themselves with laughing gas and play Twister? Shuffle the X-rays and spend the afternoon playing "Guess those molars?" Who knows? Anyway, they actually called me twice to confirm. Smart business people, they are.

I've never been overly nervous about dentists. I've had three wisdom teeth cut out, some gum surgery when I was in elementary, multiple sealants, a few fillings, as well as braces, retainers, etc., etc. I've pretty much done my time in the dental chair. Usually when I go in these days it's "see you in six months." Other than perhaps one day my old fillings needing replaced, I should be good to go. I wish the same could be said for my poor hubby. It runs in his family to have beautiful, straight, perfect front teeth and bad back teeth. He's had so many problems with his back teeth and they just seem to continue. I can see him ending up with some root canals, a crown or two and maybe even a partial before it's all said and done. Poor guy.

We'll see how the kids do this go. Josh has only had a cavity or two in his 15 years. Jess had a lot of work as a toddler, and so did Jo. Hopefully they'll still be cavity free.

Next on the horizon: Finding an orthodonist. Fun for all involved! :)

So that's all the excitement I can handle for today. I have to play catch up this a.m. so that I can leave here early. Otherwise there could be a catastrophic paper avalanche with ramifications for weeks to come.

They might cancel Administrative Professional's Week and take away my flower planter as well as their promise of a free lunch tomorrow. Egads! I'd lose my status as Office Superstar. :)

Have a good day, all! More later.

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neicybelle said...

You are so funny!! I've never thought about "Games Dentists Play", but those were some awesome ideas!!
I'll get my flowers tomorrow, and my boss and myself, and another young lady in this office are going to lunch tomorrow. I'm not knocking flowers and a meal...that's the most action I see all year! :-p