Monday, April 24, 2006

If You're in the Mood For Something Melancholy

I was going over some of my old files in my computer and found this poem I wrote way back in 1999. Was I in serious need of therapy this day or what? So, that's how I deal with any dark mood clouds that hover over me. I write. Poetry, usually. Or if I'm extra happy, I write. Again, usually poetry.

Anyway, thought I'd post this poem. I figure, if nothing else, I can read it and think, "At least I'm having a better day today than I was on the day I wrote THAT!"


Days run together like

so many thoughts…

jumbled and restless.

Too many trains

going too many places

at once.

I follow

in my mind

but see no pattern

no end or explanation…

nor a real destination

neither solace nor system;

only whim

and indecision.

Drop me off here.

I don’t care

if it’s nowhere.

At least it’s quiet

in these fields;

they run together

like so many thoughts…


without pattern

unprotected by certainty.

Left to ramble

stretched out over


wrapped up in aloneness

hearing echos in the wind

seeing shadows

in the trees

and having nothing

but time

to run nowhere.

1 comment:

neicybelle said...

Holey moley! I like that! It's very good, Kristi! Poetry is an awesome way of expressing yourself; sad, mad, happy, or bored out of your's all good! :-)