Friday, September 12, 2008

"The Price is Right" Analogy

Robert's grandmother, Grandma Margaret, used to watch "The Price is Right" faithfully. Daily. She would also babysit our kids on occasion before they were school age. I knew that Grandma Margarent watched "The Price is Right" because once when Jess was playing dolls she had the one doll ask the other, "Gentleman, do I have three numbers right?" I will never forget that incident, because it was so cute.

I've probably only seen the show "The Price is Right" ten times in my whole life. However, right now I feel kind of like comparing myself to one of the games that I recall from watching it. I don't know the specific name of it, but it involves a little yodeling guy on a mountain. The object is to guess the name of the product correctly. For every dollar the contestant is off, the yodeling guy moves one notch up the mountain.

I am that yodeling guy. And some hapless contestant has just guessed $500 for a pack of gum. I feel as though I am going to yodel right off the mountain into the audience somewhere. They will find me, yodeling about the countryside, permanently off track and out of the game. :)

Stress...we all have it. Is my stress any worse than the next persons?

Probably not.

I have friends going through stuff right now that I can't even begin to imagine coping with.

I'm just tired.

Tired, tired, tired.

Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Financially.


I'm here, although I haven't felt like writing or posting or talking. I haven't checked in here since June.

So I'm checking in.

I'll be okay. I always am.

Besides, how depressed can a mountain climbing, yodeling game show figure really be?

Hope this post finds your life on the right track. :)


Beth Benson said...

ok, so i know the point of this post was to talk about your stress, but the most stressing thing to me is that you have only watched the price is right maybe 10 times in your life?!?! what? how can that be possible?! I just think its funny because my mom would drop me and jared off at my grandmas when we were little and we would watch price is right and then it was soap time/ aka nap time for us. I love love love the price is right, although plinko would be my favorite game, Maybe i'll have to see if it parallels my life at all :) Hope things calm down for your fam soon.
luv ya!!!!

neicybelle said...

i still check your blog every now and then and i'm so glad to see you post on here. it's not fair to compare yourself to others' stress as we all have different levels we can handle. being displaced and homeless and having financial issures are HUGE on the stress level gauge.

for me, it's been illness. i've been battling chronic illness for so long now i wonder if i will ever feel good again. i get over one illness and another hits. everyone has advice but i find that even more stressful.

i feel really bad for you and your family and am so glad that inspite of it all you are keeping a sense of humor. *hugs*