Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The key to good writing is to organize one's thoughts. At least, in my mind, that's how I see it. There has to be some truth to that statement. Otherwise, if we wrote how we thought, our randomness would seem manic, rambling, and would not be cohesive. Without explanation, such writing would either a.) cause the reader to lose interest b.) generate alarm on the part of the reader.

But I feel so random in my thinking right now. I'm finding it difficult to put my thoughts into any semblance of order.

I can't finish a thought before another jumps in, demanding priority.

But if I wrote how I feel, this is what it would sound like:

"Boy, my back hurts. I really overdid it this weekend. But it was nice to get so much accomplished. My neck hurts, too. Who knew painting a ceiling could use so many muscles?

I'm glad I settled on antique white. The walls look so much better. Who in the world paints in flat paint? Really? I know they didn't have any kids home at the time, but they had cats. Flat paint? So impractical.

I really need to double check my account....two days till payday. Wonder how much gas I'll need to make it until then? At least the kids' lunch money is set for the week.

I wonder who is taking Jo to practice tonight? I probably should. I sure don't think I can handle any extra housecleaning tonight. Not with my back so sore. I can't paint, really, until I get more paint. Need to write down the exact brand and color and number. Found that extra paint brush, so I'm good on brushes.

Maybe if I take Jo, I'll get to read some while I'm there. Which book? I'm reading two right now, but I hate that. I should finish one, then the other. Otherwise it's just too confusing.

I need to mention to Robert that the extra drywall is really going to come in handy. If we can get that leak in the bathroom taken care of, then putting in flooring and drywall will be no problem. We really need to get that done.

I'm thinking I can squeeze the storm door in to the budget this week. We really need it. I do want to make the car payment next week. I want to be early on that for sure, since it's the very first payment. I'm pretty sure the outside spicket can wait. I mean, we'll be turning that off for the winter, anyway. The furnace and oven....can't really wait on those.

Too bad I couldn't find the time to order that Chinese. It sounded really good for lunch. Where did the time go? How did it get to be 11:30 so soon? And now it's already 1:30! That is a four day work week, typically. Never caught up.

That's so awesome that Robert won the perfect attendance drawing. And what he said, "I've been blessed." It was neat how he said that. And then he said, "I was just wondering about gas for the week, and then I get this money. It was a blessing, no other way to look at it. I didn't realize the van was so low on gas." It was nice of him to think about picking me up lunch. If only I could have gotten away to order it. I should program their number in to his phone. I have it memorized.

I could take a nap. In fact, I could sleep for a week. But when couldn't I? A week of lounging in bed sounds like a dream vacation for me. Ugh, last time I thought that way, I had surgery. Nah. I'd settle for a nice, cozy nap.

One of these days I'm going to have a really nice, tall bed with a mattress about two feet thick. I'm going to get the biggest, most expensive comforter, and I'm going to snuggle down in it and not come out for days on end. Sigh. Like the "Princess and the Pea," but without the pea or the royalty part. I really am sick of substandard beds.

I need to get over there and check out Pat's vacation photos.

Wow, I'm still amazed at how physical soccer is. I think that might be the first soccer game I've ever gone to. Wait. No. There was that semi-pro team we saw once when we used to go to the church of the guy that owned that team. But I don't remember it being quite as physical. Or maybe it was just because Jon was playing. He's like a son to me, really, and I didn't want to see him hurt. It must hurt when they hit the ball off their head. Eek. I can tell that his mom was nervous, too.

Wheh. I have so much to do. I soooo should not be blogging. But I never do anymore. I'm going to forget how sooner or later.

It is so cold in here that it is hard to type. My fingers don't want to work. I really should turn the air down a bit. I wonder what it's like outside?

My stomach is being stupid today. Why does it always act up after a long weekend? It's like it fouls up its routine.

I really, really don't want to be here.

Should I take an ibuprofen? I know it would help, but would it get my stomach started up again? Don't need that. It was probably the deviled eggs. Sometimes eggs just mess my stomach up.

Wonder what Leah is up to today?

Denise looked great in her picture! So did Holli!

Wonder if Sabu will make it? I've tried everything. He's just so thin. Wonder if the drops in his water will help? Poor little guy. Those kittens and the puppy pictures on Denise's blog were so cute.

I still can't believe Gideon did that. Serves Tiga right. Smart dog, flipping his water over on the cat. He knows he can't bite him, but he still had his revenge. Why does Tiga always have to pick with the dogs? He's such a bully.

I'm making so many mistakes typing. My fingers are too cold to function. I need to bring in some wool gloves. Why do they have to keep it so cold in the summertime and hot in the winter time? Makes no sense.

I want to go lay down on the couch, but there's so much to do.

I wonder if Jess turned in her forms today? If not, she's going to get demerits. What is going through that girl's head sometimes? They remind her every day. So scatterbrained.....like her momma.

Gosh, my neck really hurts. Maybe I will take an ibuprofen......maybe not. I think I can make it through if I just rub the soreness out.

Wonder what's up with Josh and T.J.? I should email Jennifer if I can get time.

What is he sighing for? He can't possibly be stressed! He doesn't do anything around here. Such a jerk. Why doesn't he retire?

Thank God for lip gloss. My lips are so dry. This stuff from Bath and Body Works is great. Even if it is for kids.

I'm glad Jo got his math done last night. I can't believe it's been so long since I've done subtraction problems like that. The calculator really has spoiled me. When he gets to Algebra, I'm doomed. Unless Josh and Jess are around to help him.

Man, I have so many schedule changes to make. The orders are piling up. I gotta get these done. Plus two shipments. The shipping hasn't been heavy today. But I've still been crazy busy. One thing after another. Didn't even get the mail opened. The phone has been ringing like crazy.

Gotta get to it, before I get buried in this paperwork.

My neck is feeling a little better.

Cottage cheese for lunch, how boring. At least I had some here.

I love three day weekends, but I hate four day work weeks. What a pain."

That's my mind, in the span of about ten minutes.

It's never much quieter. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Hope your Tuesday is going well. Thanks for stopping by and tolerating my random thoughts. ;)


neicybelle said...

lol!! wow!! that's alot going on in there, kristi! wow...am so sorry you're so busy...but am so glad you came on and blogged! *big hugs!!*

pat said...

Love it Love it Love it

Elliemarie said...

I absolutely love this post. It amazes me how much can be going through one person's mind in a the span of a few moments.

I hope your week quiets down and your neck and back start to feel better.

And congrats to Robert for the attendance award!