Friday, July 6, 2007

Thirteen Reasons July 4th is my 2nd Favorite Holiday...even if this IS a day late.

  1. It's a very happy holiday, full of history and tradition.

  2. People in the US get in really good moods, especially when they get an extra day off.

  3. I get the day off.

  4. It's my birthday! (1972)

  5. It's my wedding anniversary! (1991)

  6. Fireworks are fun!

  7. Grilling out is fun!

  8. It's not Christmas, so it doesn't get first place...but it is a close 2nd.

  9. I like donning my red, white and blue and celebrating.

  10. I enjoy the national anthem, especially when people sing it that can actually sing.

  11. When the weather is nice, pool or beach time is a possibility.

  12. Potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad...there's bound to be some sort of yummy salad served on the 4th.

  13. Did I mention the fireworks? ;)


neicybelle said...

i didn't know it was your wedding anniversary too!! how fun!! wow! it is a great holiday...probably my most favorite!

Lady Jane said...

It is my 2nd favorite holiday too (after Christmas) because I love being patriotic. Great list! And lucky you, having it for your birthday (which you didn't pick) and your anniversary (which you did!). I hope you had a great one!

Lady Jane said...

And I meant to write:

Happy Birthday!!!

Jenny McB said...

Day off + summertime weather + food = a great holiday!

I just love summer time, teenagers and all. Glad it was warm at someone's beach, LOL. Isn't it great going with older kids while watching younger parents chasing their toddlers?