Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A B C's of me

I am thinking about doing an ABC album about who I am. I think it would be a good thing to leave behind for my kids when I depart this earth one day. So, I am going to use this post as my practice run. On most ABC albums, several descriptive words are used for each letter. (If possible.) This helps paint a more detailed picture of the subject. If I can get through this, maybe you'd like to try it out on your blog....

A.) affectionate, assertive, allergic, animal lover
B.) blogger, big butted :)
C.) capable, curious, caring, Christian, cautious
D.) determined, dutiful
E.) emotional, eclectic
F.) friend, Foster (maiden name), funny, forgiving
G.) goofy, gregarious, generous
H.) hopeful, helpful
I.) introspective, Irish, insecure
J.) jovial, jester
K.) Kristi Kay, knowledgeable
L.) listener, loving, loquacious, laid back
M.) Mom, music lover, moody
N.) niece, Native American, nervous
O.) optimistic, overwhelmed, open minded
P.) poetic, patriotic, passionate, peace loving
Q.) quirky, quiet (at times)
R.) researcher, romantic, restless, rebellious
S.) sarcastic, silly, sister, sensitive, scrapbooker
T.) tenacious, temperamental, trusting
U.) understanding, undisciplined, underrated and under-appreciated ;)
V.) vocal, vain
W.) writer, wife, worrier, worker
X.) "X-tra stumped" on the "X" word ;)
Y.) Young (at name and at heart)
Z.) zookeeper (a zoo is what I have at home...aka Noah's ark)


Elliemarie said...

Hey, that's really cool!

wild child reborn said...

YAY!! welcome back!!! as soon as i find a box, i'll get this mailed to you...definitely before i get on that plane...ok? *dances a very happy dance!!*