Thursday, June 7, 2007

Doctor Visit

I made it to the doctor yesterday without the appointment being cancelled. It went well. In fact, I've lost ten pounds since my last visit in March. That's 17 for the year. That's a good thing!

I told the doctor that I had stopped exercising since I've been having this trouble breathing when I walk and I was sure I would have gained. He says we should market the "do nothing and lose weight" diet. We'd be a smashing success! ;)

Anyway, he says shortness of breath and wheezing can be a symptom of high blood pressure.

What he wants to do is start me out on a water pill to see if that helps get my blood pressure under control.

I took my first pill this morning and I, of course, have been running to the bathroom ever since. Now my ring is so loose it's falling off, and believe it or not, I can breathe. The "crackly" sound when I breathe is gone. I can take a deep breath without it hurting. I feel like my energy level has improved. The swelling in my feet is all but gone now, so my shoes are really loose. All good things!

I'm supposed to keep track of my blood pressure for a month and then have a follow up to see how we're doing from there. Thankfully, this drug is inexpensive, falling in to the $10 copay slot on my prescription drug plan.

I'd say that the appointment was a success! Just thought I'd update you.

Hope you are having a good Thursday in your world.



Holli said...

I am sooo glad to hear that!!!
I will pray that the healing will continue.
Have a great day and enjoy your sunshine!
PS. You have any extra order forms I can run buy and grab tomorrow?
I made a supply order but I need a few extras for my party on Sat.

neicybelle said...

am really glad to hear you are doing better!!! what a relief! *hugs*

Elliemarie said...

I second that-that's great news! Yay!