Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What's Good For Me

This has been a pretty good day as Tuesdays go. I started coughing today, which is good for me. I usually don't cough, and what happens is I don't do myself any favors NOT coughing. Coughing helps get rid of all that junk down in my lungs, and I always feel 100% better once I do start. It hurts, but it's healthy, if that makes sense. I know I'm getting ready to get over an illness once I start coughing. The only time I ever have to use my inhaler is when I get a cold or flu or infection of some kind. Then it becomes my best friend. I can go a year without using it and then use it constantly through an illness. But I feel a lot better. I think that Cipro is some good stuff as antibiotics go.

Today after work I picked up some pictures, went home and got Jess, John and Jo. We went to Bipsy's house and hung out. She's on a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean, so we are taking care of her kitty cat. We also tested the hot tub water to make sure that was a-okay. :) That's a perk of house/cat sitting. Plus I live only 4 miles from her home, which is nice. If I didn't have to take John home, I think I would stay the night here. I am so tired. Ugh! One of the allergy meds the nurse practitioner gave me samples of is keeping me up at night. One thing about me is I NEED my sleep. I like to sleep. Sleep good. Insomnia BAD. I NEVER EVER have trouble sleeping, no matter how difficult life gets.

Okay, with the Josh incident I woke up once, emotional and in pain and cried for like twenty minutes. But Jo heard me crying, came in and hugged me and said, "Mommy, it's going to be okay." And I went right back to sleep. I don't know what I would do without Josiah. He has one of the kindest souls I've ever had the privelage of knowing.

Anyway, I theorize that my blood pressure has never been high because sleep is my coping strategy. If I'm stressed, I nap. I usually get 8 hours every night without fail.

So, I made my point. I like to sleep. Since Friday night, I have been up until twelve, one, sometimes two in the morning. I've read. Boy, have I got a lot of reading done! Usually, I'll zonk right out within ten minutes of reading in bed. Not this week! I tried to think sleepy thoughts. Etc., etc., etc! To no avail. The weird thing is, this is the first day since this started that I've been super tired from lack of zzzzzzs. I took my last Cipro this morning, and I am going to skip the Singulair tonight to see if that's it. Possibly, using the albuterol inhaler could be making me wired. Sometimes I get jittery after taking it, so it could be that. We'll see. As sleepy as I feel right now, I think I will sleep tonight. Hallelujah! Eventually I will get REALLY grouchy from fatigue. Nobody needs to see that. ;)

I have been having the most delightful talks via instant message, complete with web cam, with my sister, Tami. I am so blessed to have reconnected with her. She is so hilarious! Her sense of humor keeps me in stitches! She is such a beautiful woman. She looks like a latino beauty these days. She's biracial, but some days she looks Native American (which we do have in our history, as our mother's mother was Arapaho, raised on a reservation) and other days she looks latino. She has long dark hair and beautiful skin. Sigh. Oh, for a nice olive complexion. Why, oh why did I get the Irish genes? HMMMM? ;)

On top of that, my brother Todd, has sent me three postcards from Mililani, Hawaii, where he lives. They are some lovely postcards! He may end up outdoing me in the card sending department. That's rare for me, because I love to send cards! Now, if I can only get him to send me a plane ticket to go visit him...... ;)

My cousin, Linda, sent me a card, but I have been carrying it around in my purse since I got home from work. I like reading her cards when I am alone, because they are so thoughtfully written and usually full of interesting news. She is a retired world famous ballroom dancer/dance instructor....she's my dad's first cousin, so that would make her my second cousin. My grandmother was her favorite aunt, so we've stayed in touch since Grandma died. Linda's life has been so exciting, but she is one of the most down to earth women I know. I cherish our talks and correspondence. I always feel like I learn something from our time together.

Okay, I'm too tired to keep typing. That's it for now.

Have a good night. More later in the week, I hope!



Holli said...

Good Wednesday morning - I do hope you got to sleep last night!
Praying for your sleep and speedy recovery!
I am so glad that you've been able to reconnect w/ your family. Seems like God always knows just what we really need and when we really need it!

Elliemarie said...

There is nothing worse than insomnia-I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon! It sounds like otherwise you are having a good week so far, which is great to hear. And keep "testing" that spa water! That's one thing I miss about house-sitting for my dad is getting to use the hot tub-it's so relaxing!

neicybelle said...

boo to no sleep!
yay to connecting with loved ones!

and double, triple yay for a child with a heart the size of texas...