Friday, March 2, 2007

Unposted Friday Thoughts Morphed Into a Monday Post

I started to post this Friday and never got around to it:

I am going to be leaving here in the next few minutes to go the doctor. I'm feeling crummy, have a fever, and don't want to wait to see a doctor until I get worse. With my asthma, if it's bronchitis coming on, I don't do myself any favors by waiting around to "see if I get better." Bipsy is on a Carnival cruise next week, and I sure as heck don't want to be dragging myself in here, wishing I had been smart enough to get to the doctor before she left. Getting out of the office for any reason is tough when she's gone.

Jo was out of school two days this week due to strep throat, and I had him with me here at work. He camped out in the conference room. That is one thing about my job that I consider invaluable. I am needed here. I can't be off unless it's an emergency. Therefore, bringing Jo to work with me when he's sick is something I am able to do. There's a couch, a t.v., dvd player, desk, etc., in the conference room, which is rarely used these days. I am so blessed to be able to work and be there for my sick child at the same time.

I'll be having Jo here with me a bit more over the next month. He's got to have a twelve year molar surgically removed. He had it drilled, filled, and capped when he was about three. Recently, the cap came off, the filling fell out, and the tooth broke off partially under the gum. So, our regular dentist can't remove it. Thankfully, the oral surgeon we use (who cut out my wisdom teeth) now has an office in the same town that I work in. So, that's a time saver.

It has been a hectic week here, as it has been for many of you with month end/new month beginning. Fun! The phone is also ringing off the hook today. But, keeping busy means the day goes by faster. Usually.

That was all I got written Friday.

Now for Monday:

I went to the doctor (actually, nurse practitioner) Friday and got the 4-1-1. I have sinusitis, swollen glands and an ear infection. I've been using the saline nasal spray (just as I advised Holli to) and I didn't have a full blown sinus infection. Just irritation. Also, no strep! Yay! I was given Cipro (antibiotic) after my tests revealed a kidney infection, so that should kick any other bacterial infections that might be brewing right in the butt.

I got lotsa samples. The nurse practitioner said, "Are you still on all these allergy meds?" When I responded that I was not, she wondered if it was my allergist that took me off of them. I said, "Nope, it was me." Basically, I explained that at one point I was paying over $200 a month for prescription copays, not to mention the copays for the office visits themselves. I told her that I am now managing my allergies with all otc stuff. Needless to say, I left her office with samples of all my "former" meds, including my new inhaler (albuterol has been banned for usage by the EPA), Nasacort and Singulair. I don't know if any of the stuff is working yet, but right now I sound like I have a cold and I can't hear very well. Other than that, I feel good.

Saturday I "stripped" my wood floors and scrubbed them. I'm preparing to sand them and refinish them. A friend pointed out, "How come when you're down sick, you take on the biggest cleaning projects?" ;) I don't know the answer to that, but I was wiped out by Sunday. All I did was laundry, lay on the couch, read and watch movies.

Friday was so scary on the way to the doctor's office! I almost forgot to blog about this one! My doctor's office is in a town about 15 minutes away, but it is a straight away from my job. It's on the same road, basically, with one turn. I was zipping along, when I encountered a "Road Closed Due to High Water" sign. However, there was no detour information. So, I turned left at the road prior to the sign, and figured, "Hey, I'm a smart girl, I'll figure it out."

So, anyway, I'm driving forever, and I turn right (in the general direction that I SHOULD have been traveling prior to the sign) and all of a sudden, my car starts blowing practically off the road! There were trash cans in the street everywhere, downed limbs, and I could barely keep my car in between the lanes! There was some guy in a truck behind me, tailgaiting, who passed me and flipped me off. I was freaking I stopped the car, got out to see if maybe something was wrong with my tires. I swear, I almost got blown in to the road! I walked to the right of the car, off the road, and I was pushing with all my strength just to stay upright, the wind was blowing so hard.

Finally, I got back in the car, called Bipsy, asked her where I was (I wasn't too far from the doctor's intuition was right, but my familiarity with the area was poor) and I made it to the appointment on time. I swear, ever since my "Evil Kenival meets Dukes of Hazzard" incident in January, my driving confidence is shot. I used to always say, "I've driven these country roads in snow, sleet, rain, ice, high winds, etc., and never have wrecked." Now that I can't say that anymore, I am a little gun shy. Wheh! That was weird, though. I've had wind blow our van, but never our car. Creepy!

Other than those events, nothing much is going on. Hope you're having a good week so far, and that this update finds you and your family blessed. I'm thinking of and praying for all my blogger peeps! Love ya!


Elliemarie said...

4It's great to hear from you!

That's great that work let's you bring Jo in with you-at least you don't have to worry about finding a sitter and he has the comfort of having his mom around.

I hope you start to feel better soon! Chris is completely knocked out by the infection he has-like you, he also has bad asthma, so he's wheezing like mad. And being male, I have to yell at him to get him to take the antibiotics his unlce dropped off for him (his uncle's a GP). Men...

Have a good week and hopefully your driving experiences are more calm!

Holli said...

You know... sanding those floors is going to make a HUGE mess! Please make sure to get yourself a dust mask and tape/plastic off the room that you will be working in to try to keep the dust confined. I can only imagine how bad off you'd be if you don't!
Hope you and Jo are feeling much better today. You know I feel your pain. And... I went to CVS and bought some saline nose spray and have been using it everyday.

PJ said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!!

neicybelle said...

wow...hope you get to feeling better soon! sorry to hear about jo! i used to bring jess to the radio station and she would sleep while i was on the's nice to have a job like that, huh?

please be careful! i can't imagine what i would do if something really serious happened to you! it's crazy out there!