Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Traveling for Business

The company I work for has a sister company in Tennessee. It's a small company, but it's recently come to our attention that it needs all manner of human resource training, safety training, accident reporting training, etc. Actually, we've known for awhile that it was going to need some training. Recently, the company's general manager retired, and we feel this is a good time to get down there and get some programs in place, while everyone is still adjusting to the change.

So, Bipsy and I will be taking several weekend trips down to do training. I am looking forward to it just because this is something I don't usually do. My job here is pretty routine. I could do it in my sleep.

About five years ago I changed offices, jobs, and primary responsibilities when we downsized our staff. Now I deal mostly in billing and customer service. Unless Bipsy is out, and then I do it all. Prior to my move, I did a personnel newsletter, a lot of human resource work, worked with employees on vacation changes, did payroll, payroll taxes, accounts payable, etc. We no longer have a personnel newsletter, and I miss that. I loved assisting with personnel training. It was interesting to teach people about diversity, harassment and subjects like that.

So, we'll go down on a Friday night, stay in a hotel, get up Saturday morning, set up, do the training, pack what we have to bring back, then spend the night at the hotel and head back Sunday morning. It's around an 8 hour drive. We think it will be productive and fun, since we won't be working on Saturday evening. We'll have dinner, relax, chat, and maybe even scrapbook if we have the time. Hopefully we can get a hotel with a pool and enjoy some pool time at the very least.

Other than my initial classes when I started working here almost 9 years ago, I haven't had to travel for my job. I think this is going to be good for me. Good for my resume, too. Good for my kids to have to function without Mom for a change. Good for Robert to miss me a little. ;)

I'm not sure when these trips are going to start, but I hope soon. I could use a little warmer weather and a brief respite from Ohio's moody weather patterns.

Hope you're having a good day. More later.


pat said...

Where at in TN? My brother and his family live in Knoxville and it is a very beautiful area and a really nice drive.

Holli said...

OH!!!! (you can ignore my question in email) I am jealous! How fun to get away!!
Be safe and enjoy!!
It'll be good for the family to miss you!

Elliemarie said...

That sounds like fun! Plus it's always great to break away from routine. I've heard that Tennessee is lovely, so I hope you get to go soon and enjoy it!

J.F. said...

This sounds like it will be a great trip. I hope you have fun and get to escape the awful weather that we're probably sharing to some extent right now.

PJ said...

You sound like you are so good at what you do!! I hope you'll post some pictures of your trips! I've never been there.

neicybelle said...

how fun! it is good for your family to do without you for a little while!
hope it goes well!