Monday, March 19, 2007

It's cold, rainy and a Monday, but other than that, it's good

Hey, how are you on this yucky Monday? Things aren't terrible here. Just kind of blah. I did have a good weekend, though. How about you?

Yes, two good weekends in a row. Is that some sort of record? I dunno.

Friday night, as mentioned, Robert and I went out to the comedy club. It was a lot of fun. Then, after the show, we went out to a late dinner at a Mexican Restaurant...not the one we usually go to...but the service was great as well as the food.

Saturday I ended up doing a favor for a friend that benefited both of us. My friend Sandy, asked me to set up her CM products at a church. The girl who usually does it is now working a second job, so she doesn't have time. I got a percentage of the sales, and it ended up working out to be $25. All I did is go with Jess, set up, work on my own scrapbooking while people browsed. I invested about 4 hours total into the event, set up and drive time included. I thought it was fun. I got to chat with some new folks as well.

Sunday I went to my friend's house that just had twin baby boys. I spent around 3-4 hours in the afternoon just chatting, feeding and holding the babies. (And burping them!) I tell ya, I guess you never forget how to do that...;). They are the cutest little guys. Their personalities are already so different! Jo went along. He played video games and then later held one of the babies. He was so good at it that Jo ended up rocking the little guy to sleep. It was sweet.

The only drawback to the whole weekend was that I did something to my back. Bending over is such a strain on my back, I try never to do so at all. I try to squat and lift, but every now and then I forget. I was struggling with my dog, Maggie, Saturday night. She kept barking a lot, so I decided to put her in the basement so we could get some sleep. She decided she didn't want to go and I was trying to push her to the door, while she was bracing herself against it. It probably was a sight to behold. She weighs far too much to pick up and she is very stout. I finally had to call Robert, who just picked her up and placed her (easily) on the top step of the basement.

Sunday morning I woke up and I couldn't move my head from side to side without extreme pain. My lower back hurt as well.

Today I'm doing a lot better thanks, in part, to an otc pain patch and some ipubrofen.

Okay, I'm out for now. Hope your Monday, if it isn't painless is at least passing by quickly. ;)


Elliemarie said...

2 good weekends in a row? Woohoo!!

The comedy club and Mexican food sounded awesome. It must have been nice for you and Robert to get out for a date night.

Twins sound like quite a handful. I'm one of those weird people that does not like to hold babies and such. Yes, I am a freak...

I hear you on the back problems. I carried four loads of boxes up three flights of stairs on the weekend at my mom's, so I'm feeling the pain today. Try and take it easy (although the mental picture of you trying to push the dog is quite hilarious, lol).

Holli said...

A date? Fun? What's that?!
haha - so glad you had a great time!
I can't wait to see the twins, I'm going to miss the shower unfortunately.
My back has been out of wack for a while now... I'm trusting God for healing!
Was this a church of christ? I'm going next month and setting up for people to look at my stuff while I sit and work all day.
Can't wait!