Friday, March 9, 2007

The Spotlight is on: J.F.!

Contrary to his claims that I will become ill again trying to figure out ten nice things to say about him, I find it difficult to limit my lists to ten with ALL my blogger peeps. ;) So there! teehee.

Okay, here we go:

  1. You are a true "Renaissance" man. Your interests are so varied that it keeps your posts interesting.
  2. You have the best eye for fashion that I've ever seen any (straight) guy have!
  3. Your sense of humor is great!
  4. You are down to earth, a quality I respect.
  5. Any guy who can appreciate a woman with a short hair cut must be a nice guy. ;)
  6. You obviously care about your friends, striving to keep relationships going, even when times get tough.
  7. You have expanded my musical horizons. That says a lot, because you should hear some of the stuff on my ipod shuffle! Aside from country music, the sky's the limit.
  8. One thing I like about you, I think, is a quality that reminds me of myself. You can write a lot in any given post, and then other times you drop a quick line. You are a versatile writer.
  9. You get knocked down, but you get up again. :) You aren't a quitter!
  10. You are talented musically and artistically. We're all hoping we can say, "We knew him when...." one day.

These lists may be the easiest blogging I've ever done! I am really blessed to know some super cool people with a lot of great characteristics!


neicybelle said...

i tell john all the time how crazy i am about him...i've been with him since his first post! i appreciate his writing, his eye for art, his refusal to give in to the muck around him...i am dying to know what he looks like! lol!

thanks for sharing about such a great guy! you know what? i think it's cool that he hangs out with us older, married (well, divorced too) chicks and is just as comfortable with us as he is the people who are priviledged to know him in person...

he truly is an amazing guy!

Holli said...

You know - you are right - about everything you said! I agree with each item.
Even though I think these things - I could never verbalize them. I can't take what I feel in my heart and put it into words. So thanks for being my author!

J.F. said...

Thank you so much! You are so thoughtful to write such things. Seriously, thanks a lot and have a great weekend!