Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Week that Does Not End.........

I am quite sure I've entered some parallel universe where the week does not end. It reminds me of a song from the kid's show, "Lambchop" that came on when my oldest two were little.

"This is the song (week) that does not end. Yes, it goes on and on, my friend." Wheh!

It's been busy here. To top it off, I've had my days mixed up all week long. For some reason, on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday...on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. Etc. Today it feels like Friday, but no such luck.

Okay. Enough of that whining for now. How are you? What's going on in your life?

I've got no major excitement right now. Although yesterday we officially became city homeowners. The paperwork was signed, money exchanged hands, and one deed began the transfer process in to our names. Boy, that felt good! We may actually be able to breathe again! Paying off that payment and the car payment last week saves us over $900 a month. What a huge relief!

I also had some major repair work done to my Taurus, which I had been holding off on. We had left it parked for a while, and were heavily relying on our van and a spare car (we recently sold) for transportation. Actually, the dealer we bought the Taurus from refused to do the work while it was still under warranty. They knew it was unsafe, and they claimed it was "within safe limits." I fought and fought with them, even trying to get help from the BBB, until I finally gave up. They wanted me to take it to several shops and get different opinions. My 8-5 M-F schedule didn't permit that, so I gave up. The repairs ended up costing me $1400. However, now the car rides like new again and I am just glad to have the whole thing behind me.

I've got some pictures to post. I have several of the baby guinea pigs- all of the guinea pigs, actually- and one of the Build a Bear I got Josh for Christmas/early birthday gift.

When I got Jess and Jo the new Build a Bears for Christmas, I said, "Josh, I'd get you one, but you probably think you're too old for stuff like that." He suprised me by saying, "No, I think I'd like a Browns or Cavaliers bear." So, later in the week, I went back and got his.

I got a Creative Memories order in this week, and I am so excited to get some albums done. I have several gift albums I need to work on. Rob's cousin is getting married on Valentine's day. I plan on doing a small heart album for her. I want to do two baby boy albums for my friend, Tracy, who is pregnant with twins.

Besides that, I am working on my third portrait album, which is a very basic project. All I do is put down 12 x 12 "perfect fit" paper on a page, and put down an 8 x 10 portrait, a sticker or two---and move on. I like putting those larger portraits in an album asap, because I've had many wrinkled, bent or damaged portraits in the past. Experience tells me that leaving them in the package they come in is not a safe practice for storage. The products that I got this time-called "power pallettes" really help get an album done...any I like getting pages done fast, because I don't have time to be ultra fancy with my books.

What else? Josh is still in basketball, and I am secretly counting away the hours until that season is over! (Oops! Now my secret is out!) They practice Monday-Saturday, or have a game. They only get Sundays off. Some Saturdays they practice in the morning and have a game at night. It's a heckofalot of running. It's wearing me out.

The weather around here is starting to finally act winter-ish. We've had temperatures in the 30s, instead of the 50s this week. I can handle it either way. However, around this time of year I usually go to the tanning booth (GASP!) moderately to help with my suspected seasonal depressive tendencies. In other words, when the sun goes away, I tend to get blue. So if I go to the tanning booth once or twice a week for a few minutes at a time, it does something chemically to my brain and helps my moods. It really works, even though I don't stay in long enough to tan. Being tan is not my goal. Being a happy camper is. :)

Okay, enough of my rambling for now.

Here's some pictures:

This is a picture of Lilly's husband, :) Sabu. He is the father of her babies. In July, we will have had Sabu for two years. He was one of my birthday presents in 2005. ;)

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Here are two of the Christmas babies. I'm amazed at how much the one looks just like his daddy! ;)

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Here's a better look at Lilly with the little girl we're keeping. We've never had a guinea pig with this coloring.

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This is a picture of Sabu with his roommate, Bentley. Bentley belongs to Jess. She bought him last summer. Bentley seems to enjoy having his picture taken, and never runs from me when I try to pet him.

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This is Lilly nursing her babies. I think it's so amazing how big they are! At times she sits up off the ground, and they are completely underneath her.

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Finally, here is a picture of Josh's Build a Bear dog, Brownie. He's all decked out in his Cleveland Browns gear. :)

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That's all for now, folks! Have a great weekend!


Elliemarie said...

Those guinea pigs are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing the pics!

I hate it when you get your days mixed up during the week. There is nothing worse than waking up Thursday thinking it's Friday, only to have your excitement crushed.

You had to bring up "The Song that Never Ends", didn't you? Now it will be in my damn head all afternoon. I ran a school age childcare centre for 5 years and that was one song I refused to let them sing, because it is sooo annoying, lol.

Josh's Build a bear is adorable-I swear I will go build one someday...

neicybelle said...

those are awesome pics of the babies! thank you for sharing them!

that song is in my head now too!! lol!!

yay to paying off debt!! i'm so happy for you!!

Sean Carter said...

Thanks for sharing the pics...they are so cute!!!! And yeah it's always so confusing if you mix up the days in the week...everything sure does gets mixed up...well hey i'd also like you to visit my blog sometime and share some of the cool stuff i've posted there!!!

pat said...

Just dropping in to say "hello"