Friday, January 12, 2007



I'm dying a slow, painful death of boredom. I'm usually not bored at work, but Bipsy had to leave work early, no one is at work that I actually talk to....(a flu is going around and some people are out; hopefully it skips me, though) and I'm basically caught up on my work. I can't leave, I'm in charge of answering phones, and they aren't ringing. Snore....

I am going to have to find some project to do around here since all my weekly work is done. Maybe I'll go do Bipsy's filing. I must be REALLY bored right now! :)

I really don't want to be here today. It feels like I've worked two Fridays in a row. It feels like the clock isn't moving. I feel like going back in to the conference room, lying down on the couch and watching t.v. for the rest of the day. However, what I feel like doing and what I can do are two conflicting ideas.

It must be 5 o'clock somewhere! :)

Have a good weekend, friends! I hope you're not bored out of your mind right now. It's just not a good place to be.


Holli said...

Yes I am! It's Friday and I want to go home!! I'm so tired I'm falling asleep at my desk!
My good news is - I get to leave by 3:30 sorry sweetie!!
Will I see you Sat?

Elliemarie said...

It's finally over!! Have an awesome weekend!

J.F. said...

It's monday now which is my friday. I hope you had a good weekend and a good day today!