Monday, November 20, 2006

Thankful for a Short Week!

Hi to all, hope this Monday is starting out relatively painless for you.

My weekend started out good right off the bat on Friday. When I got home I had an envelope from Pepsi. I had won a $10 Visa gift card. I was so excited! That's the third time I've won something from a Pepsi contest! Once I won a long sleeve Pepsi t-shirt, once I won a cd, and then this! When I took Josh to practice I went out and bought Rob a new OSU long sleeve shirt with it. I am so glad I registered for Pepsi promotions! That was such a fun way to start my weekend!

Josh's scrimmage went well Saturday. His team won, and he scored six points, which I got on video. Yay! I was very proud of him! I also found out last week that a friend I met when Josh was a baby (that I have lost touch with over the years) has a step son on Josh's team. I was in the grocery store and I ran in to her, and through our conversation, we ended up figuring this out.

So, at the game we sat together and ended up talking the whole time. It was neat getting back in touch. We worked together almost 15 years ago, and always said we'd keep in touch, but life gets in the way. She and her husband are practically neighbors to us...they live in the village just 5 minutes from ours. Josh is friends with their son, so we may end up hanging out in the future some. It's ironic how there are some people in my life who just keep resurfacing, as if we are meant to be connected, somehow. (April, you're another example.)

I ended up seeing a bunch of people I knew Saturday at the scrimmage. Some were from years ago when I attended school there. Some were in grades behind me, or ahead of me, but were familiar faces still. I figure I'll never get bored at the games. I'll always have someone to talk to. Of course, my kids tease me that I make friends in line at the grocery store, so I am sure even if I didn't know anyone, I would by the end of the season. I just find people fascinating! :)

Yay! The Buckeyes won! Yippee skippy! ;) I only watched bits and pieces of the game, and listened to the rest on the radio.

Jess and I stayed at the toy shop to close it down, while the boys went to watch the game at Robert's uncle's house. Rob, Josh, Jo and Jess' boyfriend, John all piled in the van and headed out to cheer on the Buckeyes.

Jess and I closed down early and had a girls' evening out. We went shopping, (how can it be a girl's day out without shopping?!?!) out to eat, and then went home and I gave her a pedicure. She really needed one! I did a pedicure on myself a week or so back, so I just soaked my feet and then used lotion on them.

We went to my favorite restaurant, Eldorados' Mexican Restaurant. (Holli, I thought of you when I was there since you like it, too.) Jess and I both got chicken Chimichangas. Yum! I kept getting up and going over to the bar area to keep an eye on the scores. That was an exciting game!

Jess and I didn't buy a lot when we went shopping, but I got the idea for the pedicure by going to the Big Lots right by the restaurant. They had some very reasonably priced pedicure kits, so I bought us each one. I took a picture of Jess' feet before and after. It was her idea to take the picture, and the difference was remarkable! I think I am some sort of wizard! ;)

I'm really loving my new camera! I do not regret what happened to my old one now, though I would not have spent the money unless forced to. I am happy with the pictures it takes. I'm getting a lot of use out of it. (No big shock there.) Today, if our snow stays on the ground for any length of time, I may snap a few shots of our first "real" snow.

Sunday was good. I got quite a bit of cleaning in, a little scrapbooking and a nap, which makes it a good day for me. I did a lot of laundry yesterday. I don't want to have to be doing laundry all day Thursday or Friday. I have four days off in a row! Why mess that up with running up and down steps, doing laundry? I probably will do some, anyway, but at least it will be optional. ;)

Right now, I am working on a scrapbook for my sister-in-law, Kay, who is battling cancer. She went on and on about how much she loved the book I made for my mother-in-law (her mom) for her 60th birthday. I started thinking about it, and I figured it wouldn't take long for me to make a small "get well book" for her. Kay has to do 5 chemo treatments, 5 radiation, then 5 chemo. She is really weak, constantly sick to her stomach, and her hair is mostly all gone now. She is still in good spirits, but any prayers for strength for her would be appreciated. I'm hoping this book will bring a bit of cheer for her at this difficult time.

So, that's the news here. What's new in your life? Anything exciting to report? Hope you have a good week, short or otherwise. I love Thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to it. I love watching the parade, eating, napping, and hanging out at home. John, Jess' boyfriend, is from Mexico and has never celebrated Thanksgiving, though he has been here in the states for years. We invited him over to celebrate with us, and he has been counting the days until Thursday. We're all looking forward to it more because of his presence in our home. He's a really sweet kid.

Okay, I'm out for now. Have a great day!


Elliemarie said...

I'm happy to hear you had such a great weekend! And woohoo, a short week!

neicybelle said...

sounds like an awesome time! glad it was so fun! don't you love having a daughter? it's so much fun! i wish i could be there thanksgiving! i have a friend from mexico that i adore! i'm sure jess's friend will have a great time! take care!

J.F. said...

You have snow already? I'm jealous! Good to hear you had a fun weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving