Monday, October 2, 2006

Sandy S. and her husband Joe

I promised that I would request thoughts and prayers for my friend, Sandy S.'s, husband. (Not to be confused with my scrapbooking pal, Sandy B.) ;) Sandy S. is a former customer of mine back when I waitressed years ago. She, her son, and her mother were all so good to me. When I was working, pregnant as can be with Josiah, they continually brought things in for me. Her mom even crocheted a blanket for him.

Later, we reconnected quite by "coincidence," and Sandy ended up filling in for me for the few weeks I was off work after my surgery in February.

Sandy came in Friday to request prayer for her husband, Joe. He had pneumonia, then went into congestive heart failure last week. He's in ICU, or was as of Friday when I last talked to Sandy.

Thank you!

Will post more later.

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Holli said...

I will pray - but also let me say - I absolutley LOVE that pic of you on your blog. You need to help me (or tell me how) to do that so I can post my family pic there.