Monday, October 2, 2006

Holli: How I Added my Profile Picture

Holli asked me how I added my picture in to my profile. I like to have fun with my profile, adding and removing pictures periodically. I have a photo program that I use and love, called Roxio Photosuite. I always "obscure" my picture in some way; it makes me feel safer about posting pictures on this scary thing we call the internet. This one I currently have up is "cartoonized." It is a picture that was taken here at work back in January. Having a handy photo editing program is the first place I start. Sometimes I use the "oil paint" feature, other times I cut out parts of my image and post what's left. It's just something goofy I have fun doing. There are a lot of photo editing programs out there. Most Windows programs come with some sort of photo editing software. I myself just prefer Roxio out of all the ones I've used.

After you have a finished photo, you have to have a place that "hosts" your photos. I like to use "dropshots." Holli, if you click below any of my pictures that have the "dropshots" ad on them, it will take you to the dropshots website. You can sign up for a free account to get you started. I like dropshots because it's free, first of all, and secondly because I think the photos appear to be larger when posted.

If you do chose dropshots, you set up your account, and then "drop" your finished picture in to the dropshots "dropbox," let it upload and then go to your personal dropshots website. You click on the picture you want to post, and choose the option "blog" this picture. You can cut the link and paste it to your profile.

You get to your profile at blogger by signing in to your blogger account and when your blog front page comes up, choose "edit profile." There is a part that says, "add picture."

This is where you would paste your link from your host site. What usually happens is when you click "save profile," it will say something like "invalid link." You will have to go in and remove all but the very basic information about your photo. For example, your link should look something like: ~www.dropshots.com12345678.jpg.~ (This is not a valid link, just an example.)

It's easy to do in person, but to describe how to do it over a post seems much more difficult. If you need help doing this in person, maybe I can lend you a helping hand next time we get together. I believe you said you have a home computer, so it should be a snap for me to give you a tutorial in person.

You can always go to the blogger "help" page, and they offer great step by step instructions on these issues, which is how I originally learned to do all of this.

Hope this helps, but if not, do not despair. Never fear, Kris is near! ;)


Holli said...

Laughing hysterically! Ok, I'm going to make an admission here... I work in computer support! LOL! I am the most computer illiterate out there! It's really sad. Thanks for all the info... I will write it down and try it out. If you see me on my page you know it worked!

Elliemarie said...

Love your updated "About Me" Section!