Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I Found the Allergy Cartoon!

I've been looking for this cartoon for a while now. I finally cleaned out my personal filing and found it. Yay for organizing! ;)

It's a Far Side cartoon...and I love Gary Larson's way of thinking, anyway. When I first read this one, I cracked up! I thought, "this is so me! Pretty soon I'm going to have to live in a bubble, but then they'll find out I'm allergic to myself...or to the bubble!" :)

I have to laugh about my allergies, because otherwise when I start thinking about it, I get really bummed. I know my health is good compared to many other folks', so please don't take this as complaining. I have so many more good days than I do bad. I maybe have one or two asthma attacks a YEAR. I've only had to go to the hospital twice out of all the years I've had asthma, and I never had to stay overnight. The only time I get really bad with my breathing is when I have a cold or sinus infection or something. So I am very fortunate, I think.

The thing I hate the most about my allergies is the inconvenience it causes others.

When Rob buys me a gift, he can't buy me jewelry because I can't wear metal. I can't eat tomatoes, so when I go to someone's house for dinner, they often can't fix their signature chili or lasagna or whatever....so many foods are tomato based. Our whole family has had to change the way it eats because fixing one tomato-less dinner is easier than fixing one with and one without.

If I try to be hard headed and do stuff I'm not supposed to, I end up sick for a week (or more) and someone has to pick up my slack. (Such as dusting without a mask or mowing the lawn, etc.) Thank goodness the only food I'm allergic to is tomatoes! The only non-food item I wasn't allergic to when I was tested was down feathers. :) I was allergic to all the other stuff: pollen, mold, dust, cats, dogs, vermin, grass, trees, etc.

There are some things I refuse to part with (such as my pets) and occasionally I crave pizza so much I just pop a Benadryl and eat a slice, anyway. What's life without an occasional slice of pizza? Torture! ;)

I'd so like to change this about myself, but I can't, so I just deal with it. When I can laugh at it, it makes it seem less of a pain in the rear. ;) I think I should donate my body to science after I die. I am sure it contains the cures to half of the world's catastrophic illnesses! ;)

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Elliemarie said...

Lol, I love the cartoon. I am fortunate to not really be allergic to much, except for a mild cat allergy. Chris is allergic to darn near everything and has bad asthma like you, so he knows how you feel. He would die with the tomato allergy, though-no pizza sucks! I don't blame you for popping a Benedryl every now and then!

PJ said...

Kristi I LOVE your pictures (you, sunsets and cartoon!). You're so pretty!!!

I'm sorry about your allergies and I'm glad you try to find humour in the situation. Can you do white pizza??

Oh yeah. I've been prayin about the comment you left on my blog - strength, motivation, endurance, working out, etc. Keep me updated on that! :)

Kristi K. said...

I can do the alfredo pizza...and there are so many places that have cheese bread these days. I am so fortunate to have discovered some awesome substitutes along the way. I try to keep those foods on my "occasional treat" list, because they aren't quite as healthy as regular pizza.

When I think about the people who have severe allergies...for example: those who have peanut allergies who can die from someone ELSE eating peanuts nearby, I count myself blessed. I know mine are inconvenient...those are severely life threatening. Scary.

Thanks for your prayers regarding my need to workout. I know that they are lifting me up! I don't think things are going to happen overnight, but they ARE going to happen!

I've been enjoying your posts! Blessings!

neicybelle said...

allergies...*ahchoo!* i have seasonal allergies and they're pretty wicked right now...it's harvesting time and the air is full...plus, i spent time cleaning at the old house last night and i'm allergic to dust. so yeah...yucky!