Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Month in Pictures

Pictures can say so much, dontcha think?
I love to take pictures. Back when Josh and Jess were babies, I had a 110 camera. My one luxury was to buy a roll of film every week, and have pictures developed. I took pictures of my babies every day! It was something I really looked forward to! I loved seeing my little babies turn to toddlers in person and on film.
When Jess was about three years old, I got a JVC VHSc camcorder, which we still have to this day, and it still works fine. We used it primarily for Christmases and birthdays and times like that. I do have some regular day-to-day stuff on my tapes, but a lot of it is holiday footage.
Looking over the last month's picture folders in my computer, there are some good pictures I haven't shared here.
I've decided to remedy that, so here are some of my favorite shots from August and September:

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On Jess' birthday, we all went to Build a Bear again. Jess got a bear, Jo got a monkey, Jess' friend got a bear, and I got a "Mom on the Go" bear. We had a great time! That is how we celebrated Jess' 14th birthday. That, and cake, which I will also show later in this post. The picture above is of all four bears that we made that day.

Here's Jess' friend, Cassandra's bear. My memory is fuzzy on what they all named their bears. I loved the cute little foo-foo slippers on this one! ;)

This one is of Jo-Jo's monkey. I think he named him Monty. He really looks like one cool monkey. Jo-Jo suprised me. I thought he was going to go for a Cleveland Browns Bear. Maybe next time.

This was a bear themed birthday celebration from start to finish! Jess loves Care Bears, so I bought her a small cake (chocolate) with Care Bears on it. Then I bought her a REALLY small cake (white) that was plain. She doesn't like chocolate, (she can't be MY child) so I made sure she had a cake she would eat as well. ;)

This picture is of some flowers I've been enjoying for the last couple of weeks. They are now starting to die away, but they will live on in my blog. A coworker received them, and wanted them to be out in the front office for all to enjoy. I was happy to oblige, since the front office/foyer is part of my office. They have been a nice touch as fall gets underway.

Finally, this last picture is of a little gift I received from my Aunt and Uncle last Friday. It's an angel that came along with a note. My Aunt Pat said it was to watch over me and keep me safe while we are apart. I thought it was so sweet and pretty, and wanted to share it. I have it hanging beside my computer monitor to remind me of them all day long.

That's it for now! Hope to have some more pictures to share later in the month!


neicybelle said...

how fun! amy turned 14 too! yay! thanks for sharing those pics!

Elliemarie said...

I really need to get myself to Build a Bear-they are so cute! I love Jo's monkey. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Holli said...

Thank you! I LOVE pictures. Sounds like Jess had a great 14th. I used to love and collect bears too when I was 14. I can't believe Care bears are still around. Remember the computer class we had in 9th grade? We had to make a picture using x and o's. I made a care bear sliding down a rainbow. Funny the dumb things I remember!

pat said...