Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Glorious Sunrise

This morning I was driving to work just as the sun had inched its way into the sky. I was amazed at the beauty before me. I stopped at the first stop sign, which is about a mile from my house. I tried to take a picture then, but in my rearview mirror, I saw four cars lined up behind me. I think they were ready to pull me out of my car and stone me while chanting, "Learn to drive, Sunday driver!" So, I pulled over by a barn in a nearby field. I let the cars pass and took these pictures.

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I started thinking that there was a time (boy do I feel old) that there was so little traffic in my little village that a child could play four square out in the middle of the road without being interrupted for hours at a time.
Even in my teenage years, I could stop at the stop sign, fiddle with the radio, check my makeup, make a phone call, have breakfast and style my hair and still no traffic would arrive. Now? Stop at the stop sign for two minutes and Lord have mercy, a riot practically breaks out. Geez!
Oh well, I got my pictures...without incident. I'm blessed.


PJ said...

Gosh that's beautiful! i put a picture up on my blog of a sunset - our last one in Australia. It's down right now but hopefully i'll bring it up again tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing!

J.F. said...

Those are awesome pictures! There must still be a place where the streets are quiet most of the time, but they probably won't be that way much longer. Have a good night, Kristi!

Elliemarie said...

What stunning images! It looks so pretty and peaceful there. I work and live very near the industrial core so the skyline is full of warehouses and factories. Not very scenic, lol.

neicybelle said...

kristi, those are awesome pictures! that sunrise is gorgeous! thank you!