Monday, August 14, 2006

The Monday Blahs

Right now I could sing "Rainy Days and Mondays." Really. I could. I am an alto with no vocal range whatsoever. There are a couple of singers out there that I love to sing their music. Why? Because their music doesn't pose any sort of vocal challenge to me. Karen Carpenter is one. I can sound very much like her. Bipsy hates Karen Carpenter music and she HATES it when I sing her songs. She says the Carpenters' music all sounds the same. Okay...Peter, Paul and Mary. I can sing their songs. Especially "Leavin' on a Jet Plane." Oh boy, can I sing that one. And anything by Amy Grant. No challenge there. Of course, I really haven't listened to her music since the late 80's. I'd love to be able to sing all over the scales, but I know my limitations. So, today I'm sticking to my own and singing "Rainy Days and Mondays" under my breath.

I love music...lots of types of music. Country and rap don't rank among my top favorites, but even among them I have songs I love. I use music to influence my moods. I love to put on dance music if I need to workout. Just helps me get the right mind set.

Right now I've got Mike's Ipod...Mike is my friend, Deb's, oldest son. He got this Ipod from of the older versions but with lots of song space. It has this huge variety of music on it. However, it's acting like it isn't fully charged. Keeps giving me errors. Windows isn't recognizing it. Bummer. I wanted to put some of my song library on his Ipod and visa/versa. Oh well. The best laid plans, ya know?

This weekend was pretty much uneventful. I had to guzzle Benadryl like a fiend over the weekend because of my allergies. I had no choice because my face was red and my eyes were watering, etc., etc. Nothing I took was working. People thought I was crying. Deb and I found some children's Benadryl liquid, and I found out that it seems to work faster than the pill form. So instead of driving home from the shop on Saturday after Rob got there, I went out in the car and fell asleep sitting up. I swear, people must have thought I was drunk. ;) What a sight I must have been. Nothing quite so attractive as a spotchy faced 30- something woman drooling on herself in the front seat of her car. Oh well. There's talk that I may not win the "Stylin' Mom of the Year Award" now. ;)

Yet the mega-dose of antihistimines seemed to do the trick and yesterday I was able to mow the yard, clean and dust and all that jazz that I'm not supposed to do. Why avoid an allergen when you can simply o.d. on drugs and get rid of it? Sounds logical to me. ;)

Today I'm kind of drowsy and my back hurts big time. I think it was the mowing. It's not something I do every day. The grass was kind of high behind our barn/shed, and I had to do a whole lot of pulling and pushing the mower. I think that's what caused the back pain.

I did color my hair this weekend. The last few times I colored my's been awhile...I went auburn. My natural hair color is reddish/brownish, but the sun adds blonde streaks, and I have a few grays creeping in. This time I decided to opt for uniformity, so I went light brown. It turned out kind of lighter than I expected on the ends, but looks natural. I'm glad I decided to make the change. Jess likes it, and that's a good sign. She's not going to lie to me, that's for sure. If she hates something I'm wearing or doesn't like a hairstyle I've tried, she's quick to let me know.

Jess bought me some cute little rooster knick knacks for my kitchen. Then Deb gave me two rooster wall decorations that were really cute. Getting unexpected stuff like that is nice. Jess said she felt sorry for me Saturday because I was feeling crummy, and she wanted to cheer me up. So sweet.

Sunday, Jo and I started staining my shelf, but the first coat looked like a couple of two year olds did it. Mostly it was my fault. I swear, I just don't think I was feeling the "stain a shelf" vibe. I also felt lazy and didn't wear gloves. I think I ended up with more stain on my hands and arms than on the shelf. I finally gave up and let it dry for the rest of the day. Hopefully the second coat won't look quite as ridiculous. There's always the option of starting all over, I guess. I'm sure I'll get that done in my imaginary spare time.

So, today I've just been taking things moment by moment. I've drank a few extra cups of coffee and have just kept plodding away. I did talk to Aunt Marlene today, and she seems to be in a pretty good spirits. Her surgery is Friday, so I'm sure we're all ready to have some idea of what her treatment plan is going to be. Thanks to all of you who have offered kind words, prayers and a listening ear. You're awesome!

That's all I have to say for now. More later.


neicybelle said...

wow! what a weekend! guess what? i colored my hair this weekend too! it was 3 different shades of blond and wanted to make it more uniform too!! how fun!!
i hate to hear about your allergies! ugh!! but that was a very funny description!

have a great day!

Elliemarie said...

Thank you for putting the Carpenters in my head all day yesterday, lol (I read your post yesterday but didn't have time to comment).

Allergies suck. Chris gets horrible allergies from spring to fall, but generally refuses to take any medication because he "hates pills". Suffer then, buddy. Instead he chooses to walk around the house with kleenex stuffed up his nose like a deformed piggy. Men.

A change in hair colour is always fun. I fluctuate between auburn and brown with blonde highlights (winter & summer). Plus covering the greys is always a good thing...

Aww, that was sweet of Jess to give you a little pick-me-up when you were feeling lousy. Little things like that are always a great way to brighten your day!

Kristi K. said...

Okay, girls, I guess with the "Buffy" party, we have to bring drinks, snacks AND some hair coloring products! ;)

Ellie, Rob is a lot like Chris in that he doesn't like to take medication. He seldom ever takes even an asprin. In fact, it's like pulling eye teeth to get him to go to the doctor. Luckily, he has the healing power of Wolverine and the immune system of Superman. ;) I just wonder how long that will continue as he gets older. I told him that I'm putting my foot down when he turns 40; annual checkups like clockwork or else. I'll make the appointment, and I'll drag him there myself if I have to! ;) So he's got two years to get ready for that. :)

Have a good day, ladies! No singing Carpenter songs's not rainy or Monday. ;)